YI Smart Dash Camera Car DVR Night Vision HD 1080P

YI Smart Dash camera is one of the most affordable models in its category. Ensure that the USB car charger is functioning before using your YI Dash Camera. Depending on your car model, the USB car charger may provide power even after you’ve turned off the engine. In this case, please switch your camera off manually after the engine is powered off.

This affordable camera comes with all the main features offered by all dash cameras currently available in the market to offer the ultimate performance for you and your car.

The ADAS feature (Advanced Driver Assistance System) integrated into the camera analyzes such information as the distance from the vehicle in front as well as current speed, giving voice alerts in case you get too close to another car or move off lane.

The camera provides sharp, vivid, and bright images at 1920X1080p full HD, 60 frames per second, 1296X2304p ultra high definition, 30 frames per second, even during high speeds.


  • The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Drive safely with the help of the most advanced and enhanced visual recognition algorithms that provide real time Forward Collision Warning when you are too close to the vehicle in front and Lane Departure Warning in case you veer off your lane. It allows for automatic calibration and you can set the camera to switch on automatically as soon as you turn on the engine.
  • Emergency recording feature: Thanks to the G-sensor technology in the camera’s system, you can record footage of the events leading up to an accident and immediately afterwards, which can come in handy during insurance disputes. There’s an SD card for saving the recordings, which you can review via the app or display screen.
  • Customized High Performance Processor: Dual core A12 – 60 plus DSP technology, 3D Noise Reduction, HP Level 4.2, compatible with BP/MP Level 4.1 encoder, H.264/AVC CODEC, and excellent audio performance (you can switch the audio recording features on/off in the Settings).
  • First class Night vision with High Definition Image: High speed video recording (1920X1080p, 60fps) creates high resolution images and can capture fast moving scenes in high speed.
  • Ultra-wide angle (165 degrees) to acquire full three-lane coverage and reduce blind spots
  • Largest aperture in the industry (f1.8) plus high sensitivity image sensor (3.0μmx3.0μm) that adds up to give you excellent night vision
  • Integrated 2.7-inch TFT LCD display and YI intuitive Dash Cam App: On the interface are user-friendly icon designs and large touch buttons for intuitive operation and quick recognition. Using the 2.7 inch LCD display, you can get a broader and clearer perspective of the roads and your surroundings.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity links the camera to your phone through the free app so that you can share your clips with a simple touch. Once you open the app, you’ll be directed to playback recordings or real time footage.


  • Convenient Wi-Fi connection and App
  • Very user-friendly controls
  • Excellent wide lens
  • Quality video color/exposure


  • Does not include any cable management
  • Mount is 3M sticker – stable, but hard to remove
  • Video quality tends to be noisy, especially during adverse weather


In terms of functionality, I would award this dash cam 5 stars for being user-friendly. Once you install the camera, it remains plugged in all the time, so once you start your car, it turns on automatically and starts recording until you power off the car engine.

Unlike other similar cameras I have used before, this one does not seem to have the option of selecting the desired recording time before it starts loop recording. It tends to loop-record over old footage, so you don’t have to remove your MicroSD card. This means that it records automatically for three minutes and as soon as the disk space is full, it loop-records itself.

A 3 minute video is approximately 445MB, recorded at 1080X1920p 60 frames per second. In addition, the menu is very intuitive and the setup is super easy.

You can adjust the resolution in the Video setup (you can use 1920X1080p 60fps, but the highest setting is 2304X1296p ultra-HD at 30fps), as well as the Date/Time, Format MicroSD card, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) On/Off, G-sensor Low/Med/High, and Mic On/Off.

What’s more, there is a Photo/Video dial that gives you access to your previous recordings, which can be played through the DashCam in MP4 format. I downloaded my APP via Google Store, which allows you to access the dashcam remotely through Wi-Fi for a live feed and several other options.


YI Smart Dash camera is basic and super easy to use. It comes with a sticky cup, as opposed to a suction cup. It records footage in MP4 format. Overall video quality is not of the highest standard, but it is okay. In my case, it couldn’t capture the license plate of the car in front.

It looks relatively decent in cloudy weather, although not as vivid during sunny days. The video noise is not very appealing, but the recorded sound is great. The fact that the camera uses a USB cable to source power is pretty progressive.

Additionally, the collision and lane departure warning system works pretty amazingly. This combination of features can come in handy when you are going on a long road trip or (God forbid) when you fall asleep behind the steering wheel!

Possible alternatives

Special DVR Camera with USB Port for Android

  • Dynamic capture storage format: AVI
  • Single frame capture storage formats: JPG/BMP
  • Input: USB 2.0
  • Design: Anti-dust, anti-aging, waterproof
  • Wide angle of 170 degrees
  • Min. Sensitivity: 2.0V / LUX.SEC
  • Frame rate: QVGA 60 fps, VGA 30 fps
  • Screen Capture: 582×728
  • Image Sensor: High quality 5,000,000p CMOS sensor

Car Video Camera Recorder DVR Dash Cam Full HD 1080p

  • Ceaseless circular recording
  • Supports night vision
  • Can record high-definition videos in low light
  • Built-in lithium battery for long distance performance
  • Wide angle, high definition lens
  • Loop recording, motion detection while recording
  • Effectively prevents fraud, videotaping, eavesdropping and protects confidential information, data and personal privacy

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