Top 10 Websites to Upload Your Videos

Once you’ve managed to film, edit and perfect the footage you’ve collected from that magical family trip or special celebration, the next step seems obvious – where to upload and showcase your video? There are a wealth of different websites available out there that allow users to easily upload their videos while also adding in captions, annotations and other alterations. So, the question is, which website is the right one for you? In this article, we take a look at 10 of the best video sites to upload your footage to – whether you’re looking to share it for personal or professional reasons.

video sharing sites

 Let’s Have A Look At The 10 Video Sharing Sites Below


Launched in 2005, Youtube is one of the leading video-sharing websites available. After creating a profile, users can upload, view, rate and share videos along with creating their own playlists and subscribing to other users profiles. While great for professional or corporate videos, it can also be used to share intimate videos privately – making it a great tool for sharing special moments with family members all over the world.



Dailymotion is a video sharing platform used by over 300 million users every single month. Founded in 2005, users can browse and upload both corporate and professional videos while also subscribing to other channels and recommended videos to other users. The website is available through an app for mobile users and features it’s own copyright infringement prevention programme to prevent violations.



One of the first video sharing sites to support high-definition video in 2007, Vimeo allows it’s users to upload, share and view videos from all around the world. Free to sign up to, it has it’s own app for both iOS and Android and focuses on short films and movies. On average, Vimeo records approximately 100 million unique visitors per month with over 22 million registered users.



Acquired by Yahoo in 2005, Flickr is a platform that has been designed to host both images and videos publicly. Used heavily by bloggers and those influential in the social media industry, it is available all across the world from China through to Indonesia and records approximately 87 million registered members. Flickr has official mobile apps for iOs, Android and PlayStation Vita.



Formerly known as Big Boys, Break was founded in 1998 and hosts everything from comedy videos through to pictures and flash games. Aimed primarily at men,  users can rate videos using a thumbs up and thumbs down system while also having the functionality to comment on individual videos. The most popular videos are promoted to the homepage which can result in an income revenue for the host channel with advertising also being offered to users.



Specialising in short-form videos, Metacafe is an entertainment based video-sharing website with it’s headquarters in San Francisco. Launched in 2003, it hosts categories in movies, video games, sports, music and TV to help users find relevant videos and has a strong advertising programme with major movie studies, music labels and sports leagues etc.



Owned by a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is a live streaming video platform that focuses on live video game streaming while broadcasting eSport competitions. The videos uploaded to this site can either be watched live or via a ‘video on demand’ option with the website said to outperform it’s competition – Youtube Gaming. Users are able to purchase games through links on the website or receive commissions for the sale of games that they play.



Originally developed for Sony’s Playstation 4, Ustream is a live video streaming and hosting platform with offices all over the world. Used publicly by many key figures including Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, it is particularly popular within the political and technology fields. The basic service is free while a paid service can be obtained by broadcasters or other professional bodies.



Designed to help support citizen journalism with the use of reality footage, politics and war, LiveLeak is a video sharing website allowing it’s users to post and share their files. Founded in 2006, it has a dedicated section for vloggers with a keen focus on debate and political justice. LiveLeak has exposed a wide number of injustices across the world and is commonly caught up in controversy in the media.



Stupidvideos is a collection of the best viral short videos available across the internet. Users can browse and submit their videos for approval by the website while also being able to rate each video in relation to hilarity. The website also has a section dedicated to humorous imagery with advertising placements available for broadcasters or commercial businesses