Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System

The Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System is the best helmet camera for those who want to record their greatest motorcycle experiences. You can record videos while charging the battery for extended recording time.

It produces excellent and crisp videos with its Full-HD video resolution. It comes with a rainproof cover that shields the unit from water. You can mount this camera on your helmet or any surface of your motorcycle such as handlebar and engine guard.


  • Records footages with Full-HD 1080p video resolution for excellent and detailed images.
  • Loop recording feature replaces old files with recent ones.
  • Automatically begins recording when engine starts and stops when ignition shuts down.
  • Uninterrupted charging while capturing videos.
  • Low-key helmet mounting.
  • Built-in microphone for audio recording.
  • Can support up to 64GB memory capacity.
  • Includes a rainproof cover that protects your camera from elements that might obstruct video and audio recording.
  • Comes with 125-degree wide-angle lens for panoramic effect.


Easy to use

Operating this camera is very easy because all you have to do to begin recording is press the switch at the back of the camera. The same switch can be used to turn off this unit.

If you want to review the footage that you captured, connect the camera to the computer via USB cable. You can edit the video or share it right away on your personal social media accounts.

Infinite recording time

This camera is equipped with continuous loop recording feature that overwrites the old footage files with the new ones. This spares you from the hassle of overloaded storage capacity.

This also guarantees that the camera captures all events especially those that involve your safety. Some cameras lack this kind of capacity. Therefore, it makes this camera stand out from its competitors in the market.

Good audio quality

This camera has a built-in microphone that records your voice along with the video. If you intend to use the microphone, make sure that you cover the camera with the rainproof case.

The cover tones down the distracting sound of the wind while you drive. Therefore, you can hear the audio recording clearly without any distraction in the footage.

Clear video quality

This camera boasts Full-HD 1080p video resolution that generates excellent image quality.

With 125-degree wide-angle lens, you can produce cinematic footages that cover even your surroundings while driving. With these two features, you can be assured that all the details would be covered for investigation purposes in case you get into any accident while driving.


This camera is known to be world’s lightest Full-HD 1080p camera. This makes it very convenient to use as a helmet camera because you’d not be burdened with its weight during your road travels.

It is so tiny and light that you would not even notice its presence on top of your helmet. This makes recording pleasurable and convenient at the same time.


Poor footage quality under dark light settings

Although this camera can capture Full-HD video quality, it is limited to only well-lit settings.

A few customers complained that their footage looked blurred when they shot them at night or when lighting conditions were poor. This could be because the camera lacks a wide dynamic range that can adjust to the dark and bright light conditions automatically.

However, you can try some other brands that offer a better night performance such as the BULLETHD BIKER MATE motorcycle camera

Overwhelming sound of the wind on the audio recording

Some customers found the audio recording poor because it is often overwhelmed by the sound of the wind in the background.

This issue was reported by some customers who have used this camera. You can solve this problem by placing the rainproof cover on the camera.

The cover serves as a shield against unwanted noises that may occur while recording. If you follow this measure, you can be guaranteed clear audio quality.

Difficult mounting

A few customers encountered some difficulty in mounting this unit on their motorcycles. This happened to those who have movable windshield.

The windshield sometimes blocks the view of the camera. If you face the same problem, you can mount the camera on your helmet instead.

Because it is lightweight, you would hardly feel any strain on your head.

Comparison with other products

Fly6 HD Camera

The Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System is superior to its competitor the Fly6 HD Camera in terms of video resolution and memory capacity.

The Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System boasts 1080p resolution while its competitor captures with only 720p resolution. The Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System supports up to 64GB while its competitor supports only up to 32GB.

However, its competitor the Fly6 HD Camera may have a longer battery life than the Tachyon camera system because it can record for as long as 6 hours.

Vivitar DVR480-RH-TA camcorder

As compared to the Vivitar DVR480-RH-TA camcorder, the Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System has a higher video resolution. Vivitar DVR480-RH-TA camcorder can record with only 480p video resolution.

The Tachyon camera system supports infinite loop recording while Vivitar DVR480-RH-TA camcorder does not. Although both can be used as helmet cameras, the Vivitar camcorder is cheaper than the Tachyon camera system.

This makes Vivitar DVR480-RH-TA camcorder a better option for those with tight budget.


The Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System is a great camera with high video resolution and super light weight. It is easy to use with its one switch feature that can be pressed to start/stop recording.

It is equipped with continuous loop recording feature that allows endless recording time. Although it lacks wide dynamic range, it is still recommended because of its subtle design and excellent video quality.