10 Best Rear View Mirror Cameras Of 2020

What is the Best Rear View Mirror Camera?

Taking the consideration of you and your family up to the utmost of importance, the purchase of a rear view mirror camera gives added peace of mind while allowing the driver to see his surroundings in clear definition

rear view mirror camera

A brilliant safety feature on any car, these easy to use cameras allow you to watch the space you are reversing into and ensure potential hazards such as discarded cycles, small children or animals are not at risk as you park.

Moving into the tightest of parking spots or simply slipping into your compact garage become marginally easier tasks to achieve when you choose to extend the realm of your visibility during driving

Rear View Mirror Camera Comparison Chart

So let’s have a quick look and compare the mirror cams from our list using the most important factors like the lens angle and screen size of the camera

ProductLens AngleScreen Size
Best Rear View Mirror Camera
165 DegreesFull HD1080P
Rear View Mirror Camera Under $300
180 Degrees7.3 Inch
Rear View Mirror Camera Under $150
170 DegreesFull HD1080P
Rear View Mirror Camera Under $100
170 Degrees4.3 Inch
Reverse Mirror Camera
180 Degrees3.5 Inch
Hidden Rear View Mirror Camera
170 Degrees4.3 Inch
Multi-functional Mirror Camera
140 Degrees7 Inch
Dual Lens Mirror Camera
150 Degrees5 Inch
Backup Camera Mirror
140 Degrees4.2 Inch
Best HD Mirror Camera
140 Degrees5 Inch

With so many options on the market and so many different things to consider when purchasing your rear view mirror camera, we’ve pulled together 10 of the best available right now

Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Ideal for those who drive in different conditions, the Auto-VOX Rear View Mirror Dash Cam has been programmed to provide clear images during darker hours included dusk and at night. The dual view function allows the driver to see the surroundings at the front and rear of the car thanks to the Sony sensor and WDR capability.

As soon as you slide your gear stick into reverse, your dash cam will snap into gear and display a clear image of the space behind you to encourage safe and efficient parking. Snapping on top of your existing rear view mirror, the screen requires no additional installation and simply becomes an extended part of your existing security checks.

Both of the cameras included have also been fitted with high intensity LED lights to allow you to see clearly during rainy days while also being completely waterproof for peace of mind


  • Front view video resolution: Full-HD1080P
  • Rear view video resolution: HD 1280*720
  • Front view lens view angle: 165°
  • Rear view lens view angle: 170°


  • Night vision camera provides an excellent view regardless of light levels
  • Easy to install, makes it simple to get set up and moving


  • The camera which is mounted at the back is more prone to dirt and stones being kicked up by the tires
  • The screen for the camera is quite small, and thus could be damaged beyond use a lot quicker

Best Rear View Mirror Camera Under $300

A fine choice for those looking to merge their satellite navigational system with their cars existing functions, the BOYO Rear View Mirror Camera with Built in WIFI allows for seamless internet streaming ensuring you always reach your location in the shortest time

The large 7.3” ultra high definition display has an automatic brightness setting that allows it to dim and brighten according to the time of day and available light. Fully programmable, the camera features a touch screen with the ability to switch between cameras quickly, ensuring clear vision at all times.

Activated as soon as you move the car into reverse, the camera can generate parking lines to help you slip your vehicle into the tightest of parking spaces while this machines versatility allows it to pair with both Android and iOS smart phones


  • 7.3′ Ultra High Brightness Display
  • Built-in WIFI
  • Auto Reverse Video Trigger.


  • Built-in wifi capability
  • Automatically dims and brightens according to light levels


  • Wire dependant again
  • For what is supposed to be an accessory, it is on the expensive side, close to £300

Best Rear View Mirror Camera Under $150

The TEQStone Rear View Mirror Camera offers the driver much more than just a simple extended rear view, this highly functional Android camera also boasts GPS Navigation to stand in for traditional satellite navigational systems.

Programmed with dual cameras in the front and rear of your vehicle, the camera has been programmed with 3G flow data surfing which can download relevant updates and information needed to ensure you’re always on the right route.

And alongside all this technology, the camera can also connect to your FM radio, improving the sound quality of your favourite songs and audio books. The easy to use display makes the initial set up as simple as possible while installation chips ensure efficient and correct installation with ease.


  • Double recording both front and back:Support, Rear View Camera
  • Diagonal:170°wide angle
  • GPS:Support Google map


  • A superior image quality which uses cameras on the front and the back of the vehicle
  • The multimedia abilities of the model mean that you don’t need multiple devices plugged in


  • The camera for the rear of the vehicle is small and more likely to be damaged due to its location
  • For what is an accessory for the vehicle, it is rather expensive, being over $100

Best Mirror Camera Under $100

The unique design of the Master Tailgaters OEM Mirror Camera stands in as a replacement for your current rear view mirror while boasting the addition of a clear, visible LCD screen.

An LCD display sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to suit the current lighting situations while the sleek OEM style compliments all car interior designs

Powered from a 12V power source and fitted with 2 video inputs, this screen can be program to show two different images – the front and rear views from your vehicle for example. Crafted with industry leading mirror glass, the unit is compatible with most popular vehicles and swaps to the rear view mirror upon the activation of the reverse gear


  • Screen: 4.3″ TFT LCD monitor
  • Resolution: 480 x 272


  • Easy snap on and fit
  • Only activates when vehicle is in reverse, avoids accidents


  • Quite a basic model
  • Lower price could equate to lower quality

Best Reverse Camera Mirror

Clipping over your existing rear view mirror, the Falcon Zero F360 Reverse Camera Mirror enables you to gain full 360 views of your surroundings when reversing your car into the tightest of gaps

Able to be programmed into multiple vehicles, this easy setup camera has a 180-degree viewing angle alongside a high-resolution wide angled lens for exceptional visibility. Ideal for driving in all conditions, the dash cam has been programmed with night vision and has a built in microphone/speaker function making it a fine choice for mini cab and taxi drivers.

For added luxury, the camera has a 3.5” colour LCD screen and comes with a Falcon 1-year manufacturer guarantee


  • 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens
  • Built-in microphone / speaker function
  • Displays the front and rear picture at same time


  • Widescreen view of the front and rear
  • Night vision enables safe driving even at night


  • Quite a long camera, this is a double-edged sword
  • Expensive for a camera, there are cheaper models with more features

Best Hidden Rear View Mirror Cam

An ideal and discrete option for taxi drivers, the Provision ISR Hidden Rear View Mirror Cam provides discrete video imagery without the bulky body of other traditional car-based cameras

Fitted with a microphone and speaker, this camera also doubles as a dash camera recording your surroundings as you drive and providing you with essential evidence should you be caught up in a car accident.

A great tool for the prevention of false insurance claims, highly sensitive G-sensor technology covers you from all types of collision while crystal clear HD imagery promises to keep the truth at the forefront of importance


  • Lens: Front camera: 170 degrees & Hidden camera: 120 degrees
  • G-sensor: Built-in (under the car accident or emergency case , the video file not to be deleted)
  • LCD screen size: 4.3 inch high definition LCD screen


  • Front and rear view cameras make for a full vision of the area
  • High-quality pictures


  • The front camera is dependant on a clear screen
  • Prone to random stops and starts

Best Multi Functional Rear View Car Camera

For multi functional power, the junsun 4G 7” Multi Functional Rear View Car Camera in the same way as your mobile phone – with a highly sensitive, colour touch screen. Presented in a large 7” size, this screen can double as an in-car monitor for children and passengers, displaying HD movies, games and browsing the web with ease

The Android 5.1 Quad Core CPU ensures smooth and quick functionality while the Bluetooth hands-free connectivity allows you to double up the screen for calls on the go with the built in microphone and speaker.

As soon as you slide the gear stick into reverse, the camera switches mode and becomes a rear view camera, making it quick and easy to slip into the tightest of parking spaces with the crystal clear video view. And to top it off, the camera comes pre-installed with full North America maps with the ability to download additional maps from the brand free of charge


  • 7-in touch display screen
  • Dual Cam Simultaneously Recording and auto reverse parking view
  • Screen resolution∶1280×480P
  • Angle lens angle∶140 degrees


  • Well built and intelligent design
  • Waterproof cameras


  • Quite an expensive model
  • Video cannot be manually locked

Best Dual Lens Mirror Camera

Blending the functionality of a dash cam and a rear view camera, the Z-EDGE Dual Lens Mirror Camera installs over your existing rear view mirror to offer easy to process viewing as you drive

With a full HD 1080p front screen and HD 720P rear screen that processes 30 frames per second, this high-functioning machine has a low light feature to adjust for use at night time while also promising exceptional recording should you find yourself caught up in an accident. The larger 5” screen has an anti-glare coating and is easily connected to your car through an extra long 150” USB cable.

The rear view mirror is fully waterproof and has an automatic backup system for peace of mind when parking in the most compact of parking spaces. As soon as you turn on the ignition, this camera gets to work while conserving energy through the use of a timer. A great, all rounder for the modern and active driver


  • Full HD 1080P front and HD 720P 
  • Large 5″ IPS screen
  • G-Sensor: Built-in
  • Front cam angle: 150 deg


  • Recording in HD, so nothing is missed or overlooked
  • 5-inch screen for a detailed look at the surroundings


  • Connected via cable – not wireless
  • Expensive device, still over $100

Best Backup Camera Mirror

Clip this dual function Pyle PLCMDVR8 Backup Camera Mirror to your existing rear view mirror and rest in peace knowing that the safety of you and your family is at the height of importance

Featuring an exterior mounted rear view camera with a fully waterproof design, this lightweight camera has been fitted with a 4.2” display monitor screen that allows you to monitor the space behind your vehicle as you part.

Doubling as a dash cam, the consistent recording means that if you should find yourself in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you will be able to present solid evidence in any insurance claim. With a 1080p display that can easily be checked upon as you drive, the screen will automatically go into function when you start the ignition


  • PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Function: See Both Cameras On-Screen
  • 4.3” Display Screen
  • Built-in Microphone for Audio Recording
  • 140° Degree Wide Angle Camera Lens


  • High-resolution cameras for ease of use
  • Waterproof design protects from the rain


  • LCD of lower quality
  • Model is prone to freezing up

Best HD Mirror Camera

Giving you a clear and full view of the space around your car while documenting your activity for use at a later date, the KDLINKS R100 HD Mirror Camera provides excellent service in any vehicle

Easy to install, the screen clips simply on to your existing rear view mirror and provides high quality 1296P viewing from the front and 1080p viewing from the rear mounted camera. Recording on an automatic loop for protection against bogus insurance claims, the camera comes with a 16GB micro SD card allowing you to use it instantly.

Activating with the movement of your car, this dual lens camera also features a sensor that detects if movement has occurred in the last 5 minutes and shuts off to preserve power. On the flip side, should the camera detect any movement around it, it will begin recording to ensure protection even when your car is parked


  • Front (140°) & rear (140°) in super wide angle
  • Rear Camera can record 1080P HD quality video
  • When the R100 detects any movement, it will start recording for a short period of time


  • Sturdy design, will last a long time
  • Night vision for convenience


  • Wires included in design
  • Expensive piece of machinery, nearly $200

rear view mirror camera

Rear View Mirror Camera Buyers Guide

  • Image Quality – One of the most important things that you need to consider when purchasing a rear view car camera is how good a picture you’re going to get when you’re using it. Different cameras will have various levels of image quality, and obviously, there will be an element of ‘getting what you pay for’. However, when it comes to your picture quality, you’re going to want something which has a good resolution, can capture images quickly and is also capable of night vision for when you’re driving in the dark.
  • Durability – Another element that should always be considered when it comes to buying a rearview camera is the strength of the technology that you’re purchasing. Obviously, you’ll want to have a piece of kit which is going to last a long time and can also withstand being knocked around. This is particularly the case for cameras which are going to be mounted on the outside of the vehicle, as they will be exposed to the elements and damage from the road, depending on where you install them. Therefore, you should always make sure that you’re buying a camera which is going to be able to function in all conditions. This can range from technology which is shockproof, right the way through to technology which is waterproof.
  • Additional Features – When it comes to your rear view camera, you often want to ask yourself, ‘what else do I want this to do?’. A lot of rear view cameras are focused on the technology which is inside the vehicle, and this often comes with a lot of other features which makes the system much more versatile and appealing to a modern audience. Things like wifi capability, audio features and even GPS options all make for a much more dynamic and engaging device. It’s up to you to decide exactly what it is that you want your device to do.
  • Functionality – When we talk about functionality, it is important that you consider exactly how often you’re going to be using your device, and what you’re going to be using it for. Do you need a rear view camera which will be able to rotate and change its sight with ease? Do you want something which can take photos automatically, so you do not have to make any adjustments or press any buttons? Alternatively, do you need to find something which is easy to operate, or would you benefit from a more complicated and technologically advanced system?
  • Cost – One thing that you should always consider when you’re looking at a rear view camera for your vehicle is the cost. How much do you want to spend on this device? Obviously, if you’re looking for a basic design which doesn’t have any gadgets then you won’t need to pay as much, but something which has a lot of different features and functions will cost more. Establishing your budget is key to making sure that you purchase the right rear view camera for your needs.

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