10 Best Front And Rear Dash Cams Of 2020

What Are The Best Front And Rear Dash Cams?

Keep you and your family protected from fraudulent insurance claims at all times with the installation of Front and Rear Dash Cams.

front and rear dash cam

Designed to provide peace of mind as you travel from A to B, these lightweight cameras have been noted for their ability to lower insurance premiums when used with certain suppliers and are easily installed on most models of car.

Whether you’re looking for one that simply sits discretely and records or one that can link directly to your smartphone, the offering available on the market today is vast.

Front And Rear Dash Cams Comparison Chart

Let’s take a look below at the 10 cameras on our list and compare them by lens angle and screen size. If you want more information about a particular camera you can either click the image on the table or scroll down the page

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Lens AngleScreen Size
Best Front & Rear Dash Cam
150 Degrees2.4 Inch
Front & Rear Dash Cam Under $350
180 Degrees3.5 Inch
Front & Rear Dash Cam Under $200
150 Degrees5 Inch
Front & Rear Dash Cam Under $160
170 Degrees4 Inch
Front & Rear Dash Cam Under $100
170 Degrees1.5 Inch
Front & Rear Dash Cam Under $75
140 Degrees2.7 Inch
HD Front & Rear Dash Cam
170 Degrees3.0 Inch
Wide Angle Front & Rear Dash Camera
170 Degrees2.4 Inch
Front & Back Dash Cam
165 Degrees3 Inch
Front & Rear Car Camera System
170 Degrees2.4 Inch

Best Front And Rear Dash Cam

A stylish and discrete addition to your in-car technology, the Z-EDGE front and rear dash cam provides simultaneous recording from the front and back in Super HD 1920x1080P and at 30 frames per second. The ultra wide 150-degree lens provides ample viewing scope for capturing every moment on your journey while the built in 450mAh battery ensures up to 30 minutes of recording without a power input.

The 2.4 inch LCD display screen allows quick re-play while promising a durable and scratch free service and the superior low light technology lightened dark spots and balances out exposure to give you the clearest footage every time.

Synchronised with your vehicle, the camera begins recording as soon as the ignition switched on while preserving battery when the car is turned off and boasting a look recording feature to maximum storage. When your vehicle is parked up, the G-sensor detects vibration and will begin recording to ensure that even when you’re not with your car, you are covered.


  • A small and discreet design to ensure that it does not become an eyesore
  • A good price for the type of camera offered


  • Requires a large capacity sim card to fully be effective
  • The cord used is a little long

Best Front And Rear Dashcam Under $350

A model designed for use by cab drivers, the Falcon Zero F360 front and rear dashcam offers discreet and seamless viewing for the driver at all times. Easily set up for multi-vehicle use, this slim line camera fits over your existing rear view mirror and offers unlimited viewing angles with two wide angle and rotating lenses.

The camera has been fitted with high-quality night vision technology for both exterior and interior footage keeping the driver safe at all times while the built in microphone and speaker function allows clear communication between the taxi driver and their passengers.

A 3.5-inch color LCD screen holds crisp footage in the eye line of the user keeping everyone inside the car safe during movement while the large 32GB memory card can store footage away for a later date – ideal for use with fraudulent insurance claims. A practical and protective measure for anyone who uses their motor vehicle as a form of income and wishes to install additional protection with ease.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Full colour view for convenience


  • Quite bulky and long
  • A lot of buttons might serve as a distraction

Best Front And Rear Dash Cam Under $200

Fitting over your existing rear-view mirror, the slimline design of the Z-EDGE front and rear dash cam allows you to record all your surroundings discretely while providing a scratch-resistant replacement mirror with high-quality anti-glare technology for uninterrupted viewing.

Providing simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080p from the front and HD 720p from the rear, this camera has been fitted with wide-angle lenses at each end to ensure ample viewing opportunities as you drive. Fitted with low light compensation to ensure crisp recordings, the camera runs in line with the ignition of your vehicle while G-Sensor technology protects your car when in park mode by detecting any vibrations, movements or collisions and immediately turning on.

The rear camera comes fully waterproof for external installation and has an extra long 26ft cable allowing it to be easily connected to the mains for continual power. A discrete but powerful machine that is functioned using a minimalist button design and covers you and your family from unfortunate incidents.


  • Quite inexpensive for a dash camera
  • Safeguards prevent extensive use and wasting of battery


  • Some users have remarked on a bad recording experience
  • Doesn’t block out the sun as well you’d like

Best Front And Rear Dash Camera Under $160

Install additional protection for your car against insurance fraud and theft with the Veoker front and rear dash camera. Recording in Full-HD 1920x1080P and at 30 frames per second, two super wide angle lenses capture every moment at the front and back of your car as you travel along.

A 4.0” LCD display can easily be used to capture license plate numbers, road signs and other key locational information while also showing clear footage even during darker periods including night time with its HDR system. The Accident Auto Detection feature takes note of any collisions, tampering or accidents within the car and locks this specific footage away to avoid accidental deletion and allowing for download when necessary.

Ensuring all important footage has ample space, Loop-Recording deletes the oldest unlocked footage as the memory card begins to fill up to ensure there is always space for additional information on your latest drive. The camera also features a Parking Mode function that automatically records when the motion detector detects movement within a 4-meter radius. A reliable and efficient addition to your beloved car.


  • Good price for what it is
  • Small and compact


  • Smaller system can sometimes be a hindrance
  • You get what you pay for – while it is a fully functioning device it lacks some of the features of more expensive models

Best Front And Rear Dash Cam Under $100

Fitting on to your dashboard with its completely discreet design, the Pruveeo Q2 front and rear dash cam offers high-quality performance on every type of vehicle. Powering on with the ignition to ensure consistent recording throughout your entire trip, this dash cam allows simultaneous recording at both the front and rear of your car with a fully waterproof and externally mounted rear camera.

Wide 170-degree angle lenses record in HD 1920x1080P and at 30 frames per second while the H.264 compression technology ensures you can save hours of footage in one go. Night time recording have been covered with the Wide Dynamic Range technology which alters the camera’s settings for crisp viewing in all conditions.

The non-stop recording function provides a seamless file that can easily be downloaded and submitted during cases of car damage or fraudulent insurance claims. For extra peace of mind, each camera comes with a 12-month manufacturers guarantee.


  • Waterproof Rear Camera for convenience
  • Quite inexpensive


  • Is not mounted as securely as some other models
  • Again, you’ll get what you pay for – a basic camera system, does the job but isn’t massively high tech

Best Front and Rear View Dash Camera Under $75

The Pyle Front and Rear View Dash Camera offers exceptional recording service for a reasonable price. Mounted to the windscreen while still allowing the driver to see clearly during driving, this ignition linked camera starts recording as you begin your journey to capture every moment that puts you and your family at risk.

The 140-degree wide angle lenses ensure ample viewing of your surrounding while night technology ensures every second is clear and crisp – should it be needed for future evaluation.

Providing extra vision during reverse parking, the camera records in 1080P HD while the 2.7” monitor gives the driver the clearest view at every moment. Loop-Recording technology overwrites old and unwanted footage while saving any collisions or accidents away safely for download when needed. The camera is compatible with Micro SD memory cards and comes with a 32GB option. A reliable and high-quality machine that fits into your car interior with ease.


  • High quality video footage
  • Stealth camera, hidden away and out of sight when you’re on the road


  • It does not provide good vision in the dark
  • Some users reported radio interference when the device is in use

Best HD Front and Rear Dashcam

A simple design that blends into the aesthetics of your car discretely, the Ampulla Sentry HD Front and Rear Dashcam has been designed to offer exceptional peace of mind for every driver. Hard wearing and durable, the camera has a full metal frame with an ultra wide angle lens and redeveloped JL AC series chip.

Recording in Full-HD resolution 1920x1080P and uses Smooth Image Processing to ensure crisp footage, this dash cam can easily record clear imagery in darker conditions for all day and night protection. G-Sensor, Motion Detection, and Parking Monitoring systems detect any vibrations, movement or impacts and begin recording instantly meaning those nicks and bumps received in car parks will now become fully accountable.

Seamless Loop Recording creates efficient and reliable storage for many hours of footage while begin designed to deleted unnecessary footage when the memory card is full. And for those drivers who spend an exceptionally long time on the roads, the camera is also compatible with Micro SD memory cards.


  • Smart features help to protect battery life
  • Secure and sturdy design


  • A lot of wiring makes the device more prone to problems
  • Small battery life

Best Wide Angle Front And Rear Car Camera

A fully waterproof model designed for installation inside or outside of the vehicle, the Rexing V1P wide angle front and rear camera is a discrete and powerful machine for those wishing to protect themselves at all costs. Recording in HD 1080P and fitted with a 170-degree wide lens front camera and a 120-degree rear camera, this machine promises to capture every moment that could help you against fraudulent claims.

Wide Dynamic Range technology adjusts both the camera settings to ensure crisp viewing in all weather conditions while the Collision Detection G-Senor picks up any hits that come your way and locks this footage in a safe file for downloading at a later date. The Loop Recording feature optimises recordings and automatically deletes unneeded footage as the memory card fills up.

This camera has been designed for discrete installation and has been tested to approximately 140-degrees operating temperature.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Full HD video


  • LCD has been reported to burn out following extreme use
  • Possible issues with freezing in some instances

Best Front And Back Dash Cam

Keep your insurance premiums and your treasured car safe at all times when you choose the KDLINKS DX2 G-Sensor front and back dash cam. A high-quality machine that works with your vehicle’s ignition to dictate its power on and power off sequence, this modern dash camera provides high definition recording of 1920x1080P quality and at 30 frames per second.

Both cameras have a combined visual scope of 290-degrees, ensuring you’ll capture every crash, scratch or collision with ease. The large 3” screen enables reverse parking to become considerably easier while night vision technology and the Wide Dynamic Range feature ensure night time recordings are just as crisp as during the day.

The G-Sensor technology detects when a collision or incident has occurred and immediately locks this file away for future downloading and avoiding any accidental deleting that could occur. Tested to high temperatures for use in hot weather and against the heat of a motor vehicle, this camera offers highly efficient and discrete function to every car owner.


  • Top of the price range equates to a well built camera with a lot of features
  • High quality audio and video quality


  • Doesn’t do well in extreme heat
  • Very expensive for a dash camera

Best Front And Rear Car Camera System

Designed for windscreen installation to the side of your rear-view mirror, the ITRUE X6G Stealth front and rear car camera system has been shaped with an angled designed to allow clear and safe viewing as you drive.

Easily installed with the use of a 3-meter adhesive tape, this twin lens camera allows for simultaneous and smooth recording during the entirety of your driving trip. Compact in design, this camera is also powerful with the inclusion of many features from the Superior Night Vision to ensure darker footage is still clear, Date and Place Stamps to help with identification at a later date.

GPS Positioning to monitor speed and location and Auto-Locking technology which protects footage that shows collisions or accidents. With 170-degree wide angle lenses and recording in Full-HD 1080p, you can rest easy with the knowledge that any accident – big or small – will be captured for use in the future should there be a need.


  • Powerful design to ensure a successful camera
  • For such a high quality, a very reasonable price


  • Compact, possibly easier to damage
  • Comes with a smaller memory card

Top 10 Quality Front And Rear Dash Cams

Front And Rear Dash Cams Buyers Guide

  • Your budget
    We have a range of cameras in our list to include many budgets, chose a camera within your budget and then compare the features with other brands so you can get the camera that has all the features you need
  • Installing The Rear Camera
    Because these cameras are front and rear, there is a rear camera that needs to be installed. Something to consider when buying a front and rear dashcam is the length of your vehicle in comparison to the length of cable supplied by the seller. Also you will need to consider if you can install the rear camera or will you be using a garage which will add an addictional cost to buying one of these cameras, compare that to other types of dashcams that are plug and play. (don’t need to attatch any rear camera)
  • Memory Card
    Many of the cameras do either have a limited memory built in or may supply you with one with the purchase. Depending on what your using the camera for will dictaite when memory card you will need, for example how many hourrs driving you wish to record and parking mode
  • Size Of The Screen
    The choice of where you are placing the front and rear camera vs how big the camera is. You don;t want the screen to be in the way of any thing, if your short of space you could consider a camera without a screen

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