Front and Rear Dash Cams

A front camera is important in recording footage on the road ahead of you and can easily capture any unfortunate accident that may involve your car or other cars on the road.

Similarly, a rear camera is also important to record whatever weird accidents are happening behind your car. A bump by another car behind you may be recorded precisely with a rear camera.

Therefore, both front and rear cameras demonstrate the same level of importance to recording full coverage of accident-related events.

Having two cameras, at both the front and rear of your car, offers more coverage around your vehicle in terms of footage recording. This is because the rear view lens generally offer a wide angle.

This growing need has been addressed by the many dash cam producers on the market now.

While the front camera carries the main capacity of the camera, the rear camera is smaller in size and sends the video through a coaxial cable to the main input.

Here are some of the popular front and rear dash cams on the market right now.

REXING HD18 Car Dashboard Video Recorder

The installed dual lenses record both scenes in front and behind your car. The screen will display the rear footage to make sure that you’re driving safely.

This has been tested to endure minor bumps so that you can be ensured that any accident you might encounter will be recorded precisely at both ends of the camera.

This unit records more than sufficient details of any event due to its large-aperture lens and a wide 160 degree viewing angle.

It is also built with a superior night vision mode which can record clearer quality footage, even under dark lighting situations. Due to its slim size, you can place it discreetly behind your windshield, but make sure that the rear camera will not be obstructed to record the footage behind your car.

Though it offers these many features, it only records up to 720p video resolution which is lower than what the Blackvue DR750LW can offer at 1080p resolution.

Blackvue DR750LW 2 Channel Dashboard Camera

The Blackvue DR750LW records footage at full HD 1080p video resolution from both front and rear cameras. The front camera weighs 145 grams while the smaller rear camera weighs 30grams.

You can easily play back video footage and change its settings by using its 4-inch touchscreen. The screen displays videos from both cameras.

Clear pictures are captured through its built-in Sony EXMOR sensor. This is sufficient enough to capture the license place under good lighting conditions.

The camera automatically shuts down its power when temperature goes to a specific high level that can destroy the system and its stored files. It is powered by a 10 watt super capacitor that is built into the unit.

To protect your car battery from draining all the way, this unit has a cut-off feature to ensure that you can still run your car home. It can store files as large as 64GB.

Though it has many great safety features, a few customers complained about its audio function which sometimes doesn’t record. Nevertheless, this unit is highly recommended with its easy setup and touchscreen capability.

Transcend Drive Pro 520

This dual lens camera is perfect for those who strongly care about their road safety. This camera records the road in front of you as well as the rear part of the car.

The rear camera works better than a rear window because you can clearly watch the passenger cabin of your car.

The front camera can record a full HD 1080p video resolution while the smaller rear camera can record up to 720p video resolution.

Though the rear camera’s resolution is slightly lower, it can still display a sufficient clarity in monitoring road traffic behind you. More importantly, you can be assured of clearer video quality even at night with the four infrared LEDs installed on the rear camera lens.

Though it offers an exclusive downloadable DrivePro520 App, some customers reported instances of inaccuracy in reading GPS coordinates. Nevertheless, this camera is well-built and reliable.

Blackvue DR650GW Dashcam

This dual lens dash cam is a high-end product which guarantees reliability and full-HD 1080p video quality from both front and rear cameras.

This is one of the most discreet dash cams on the market right now as it lacks the screen that adds obstruction to the driver’s point of view.

Its cylindrical design allows you to position this device on your windshield in an unobtrusive way. It supports a maximum of 66GB memory.

Interestingly, this unit can be activated through voice detection. You need to use its command instructions to perform its functions.

Although it lacks a screen to display settings, you can connect it to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and configure settings to your preference. Through the Wi-Fi connectivity featured by this unit, you can upload your high-quality videos on any social streaming site.

Alongside its Wi-Fi capacity, it also offers a GPS module to keep track of your location and speed. A few customers complained about Wi-Fi connection problems, but in general this product is a solid choice for those who have the budget.

Lukas LK-9700 Duo Dash Cam

Like the Blackue DR750LW, the Lukas LK-9700 offers touchscreen capability.

Both its front and rear cameras can record videos at full HD 1080p video resolution. This ensures a vivid and high-quality footage output.

Meanwhile, the screen displays the footage taken both from the front and rear cameras, hence you can be guided with how much traffic is building up behind you.

This unit offers separate models: B and D types. The B type has a built-in GPS and OBD modules, while the D type has none of them.

Some customers complained about intermittent function performance, but this can be solved by constantly updating the firmware. Overall, this is a great choice for those who want a dash cam that records HD videos.

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