Dual Dash Cams

Dual lens dash cams are growing in popularity because they offer more security than single channel ones.

Unlike a regular dash cam, which only records what’s in front of the car, a dual dash cam has two cameras that record the rear and front views of your car.

The front camera is intended to record the road in front of you while the second camera records events behind your car at the same time. The second camera, which is smaller than the front camera, is linked to the main unit by a coaxial cable.

In looking for a good dual dash cam, be sure to consider its video quality and significant features. Such features to look for are buffered parking mode and Wi-Fi capability.

The buffered parking mode feature enables you to save events beginning a few seconds prior to an event detected. Wi-Fi capability can be helpful in configuring the dash cam a smart phone.

Since a dual dash cam attempts to record two videos into a single unit, its price is quite higher than the regular ones with single channels.

To help you choose which brands suit you well, here are some of the best on the market right now.

Indigi HD Dash-Cam Dual Camera Front + InCab Driving Recorder

This dual dash cam has two cameras which can record the road in front of you and what’s inside your car. It includes a GPS module which can allow you to use Google Maps to monitor your speed and route.

It is built with a gravity sensor that can notice and record any abrupt motion or speed alterations. Interestingly, this unit costs less than $100.

It boasts a 2.7-inch screen which is large enough to view your your GPS tracking system. It has a built-in microphone which can record audio together with your video footage.

Though most customers are satisfied with its modern features, there are some who have noticed that the video quality is not high definition (HD). This is quite letdown, but its GPS module feature offsets this.

Overall, this unit is a great bargain for a dual lens camera.

Vicovation Vico-Marcus 5 Dual Full-HD Camcorder

While the Indigi Dash-Cam offers subpar HD video quality, the Vico-Marcus camcorder records videos on both cameras in full HD 1080p resolution.

Though it may cost a bit more than the Indigi Dash-Cam, it offers some great new features, like the lane departure warning system (LDWS), forward collision warning System (FCWS) and GPS tracking.

The LDWS and FCWS features protect you from getting into any accidents with other cars. It also features a parking mode function that records a few seconds before any motion is noticed.

Instead of using an internal battery as its power source, it uses a capacitor which is more reliable for long-term use. Though this may cost you more financially, it is a great unit that offers modern features and high-quality videos.

Spy Tec K1S Dual Car Dash Camera

The K1S Dual Car Dash camera costs less than the Vico-Marcus camcorder. Similarly, this unit records videos at 1080p HD-quality both by the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

It includes a GPS logger which keep track of your speed and route, and LWDS which warns you when the car starts to move out of its lane. It is also equipped with a G-sensor that can detect accidents and save it automatically for future reference.

It uses a black adhesive tape that sticks right to your windshield. The camera can store up to 64GB file memory.

One issue for a few customers was the intermittent function of the unit while recording. This can be a case of unreliable SD card, especially if you have failed to purchase a genuine one.

To prevent this kind of issue from happening, make sure that you buy a verified genuine SD card. Nevertheless, this item is a great dual lens camera with a discreet design.

This is a great item if you are one of those who wants to disguise their dash cam from the public.

Binmer Car DVR Camera Video Recorder Dash Cam

This dual lens dash cam records videos from both front and rear viewpoints. This makes sure that you cover all areas of accident-related events.

The rear camera serves as your eye at the back of your camera. Video recording is is continuous while a lock button ensures the safety of files in the system.

It can store as much as 32GB memory. Similar to the Indigi Dash-Cam, this unit costs below $100. At a very low price, you can already watch footages in full HD 1080p video resolution.

Though belonging to the same price range with Indigi Dash-Cam, the Binmer Dash Cam needs the separate purchase of a GPS module.

Some customers have found that the build of the dash cam is quite feeble for long-term use. Nevertheless, this is a great option for those who are on a tight budget.

Lukas LK-7950 Car Dashboard Camera Duo

This unit has no screen but it offers Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you stream real-time video recordings straight to your smartphone. It demonstrates a full-HD video quality for both cameras.

Despite being under poor lighting conditions, you can be assured that clearer recordings are achieved through its powerful auto exposure mode.

This has the highest memory capacity among all dash cam units at 512 GB in its price range. Like the Vico-Marcus 5, the LK-7850 uses a capacitor as a power source hence improves its reliability in terms of prolong usage.

Some customers find the controls difficult to control, hence it takes more time to become familiar with them.

Unlike, the Indigi Dash-Cam which already has a GPS built into its unit, you will need to buy a GPS separately for the LK-7950. Nevertheless, this unit has many modern features and offers the best quality of video outputs.

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