The 10 Best Dual Dash Cams 2020

What Are The Best Dual Dash Cams?

Dual Dash Cams continue to rise in popularity as more and more people take control of their road safety. Providing the driver with a clear view of both the front and back space around their car, these handy cameras can be mounted to most vehicle types.

dual dash cams

A great option for busy families looking to optimise their safety, there are a wide range of different options available out there for all needs. So, to make your purchase that bit clearer, we’ve pulled together this buyers guide with some key factors to consider and our best dual dash cams as rated by customer reviews.

Dual Dash Cams Comparison Chart

ItemLens AngleScreen Size
170 Degrees1.5 Inch
170 Degrees1.5 Inch
170 Degrees1.5 Inch
170 Degrees2.7 Inch
170 Degrees2.7 Inch
150 Degrees2.4 Inch
180 Degrees2.7 Inch
140 Degrees2.7 Inch
360 Degrees4 Inch
150 Degrees2.5 Inch

Best Dual Dash Cam

At the middle range price point, the CiBest Dual Dash Cam utilizes a capacitor as its power source which effectively prevents it from overheating. With its compact design, it fits easily into most vehicle types and boasts a 170 degree wide front camera with a 120 degree rear facing camera.

The low power consumption extends each use while still providing high definition footage and smooth flow. The unique ‘Fatigue Driving’ function heightens your safety when in the car with built in technology that prevents interference from other devices. The camera can record at full HD 1080P at 30 FPS. A great option for any road user, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer guarantee for added peace of mind.


  • Dual lens design for an increased field of vision
  • Compact design


  • You get what you pay for
  • Some people have complained the rear camera is inefficient

Best Dual Dash Cam For Taxi

Noted as one of the first of its kind to hit the market, the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam For Taxis And Ubers has been equipped with a powerful Sony Exmore IMX323 rear lens and an OV4689 front camera. Allowing you to effectively capture high quality and crisp footage from both ends of your vehicle, it records in HD 1080 at 30fps. The addition of infrared compatibility delivers exceptional vision in low light conditions, keeping you safer at all times of the day.

Seamless loop recording overwrites unneeded footage while G-sensor technology detects impacts and immediately begins recording to capture film as evidence for those pesky insurance claims. Motion activated parking mode automatically switches the camera on in-line with your ignition with an auto LCD OFF timer that removes any distracting power lights. This camera is also fitted with a built-in microphone for clear audio recording.


  • Well built and easy to use
  • High quality picture


  • Expensive to buy
  • Can be a bit bulky to set up

Best Dual Dash Cam With GPS

A great option for every driver, the APEMAN Dual Dash Cam With GPS offers a fully waterproof body for continual quality viewing. Recording at 1080P 30fps, the front camera offers full land coverage while the 170 degree rear camera prevents recording in blind spots to bring you the most comprehensive recordings. An Emergency Accident Lock utilises G-sensor technology and locks away footage instantly in the event of a collision or crash.

With its compact design, this camera fits seamlessly within all vehicle types with a range of handy functions including Motion Detection, Loop Recording, Date Stamps, Plate Stamps and GPS Positioning System for location monitoring. The integrated lens easily rotates to a range of angles to ensure you always capture the perfect angle.


  • A lot of features to make this a versatile device
  • Sturdy design ensures long life


  • Moderately expensive
  • Bulky design can be a double edged sword

Best Budget Dual Dash Cam

The CISNO Z4 Plus Budget Dual Dash Cam is a high quality option for a wide range of motorists. Providing dual footage of the front and rear space around your vehicle, it is easily installed for quick use. WDR function helps you to avoid over exposure which, in turn, creates the clearest footage for all requirements.

In the event of collision, the G-sensor automatically activates the recording and locks down the file in a safe place to provide peace of mind in the event of insurance claims. A large 170 degree captures a wide view to help protect you from fraudulent claims with the capability to hold up to 32GB of information at one time.


  • Wide camera angle
  • Dual coverage for increased awareness


  • Requires a formatted SD Card
  • A somewhat less compact design

Best Dual Lens Camera Under $50

A great addition to any vehicle, the Rongyuxuan Dual Lens Dash Camera provides uninterrupted video recording from the front and back of your car. The model comes with a 2.7” LCD screen which splits to allow you to view both views in one go. At the front, a 140 degree lens allows a rotation of up to 20 degrees while the 120 degree rear lens is suited to high resolution recording – perfect for documenting collisions and available parking space.

The G-sensor detects impacts, automatically switches on the recording and locks the footage securely away, should it be required for future insurance claims. A large capacity memory card allows for hours of recording with loop recording effectively deleting un-needed footage to make space for newer information.


  • 2.7 inch screen
  • Dual recording capability


  • Some people have complained of a reduced battery life
  • You get what you pay for

Best Dual Dash Cam With Parking Mode

The Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dash Camera effectively offers recording in super high definition while offering additional safety to every driver. The compact design allows the camera to stay hidden during use while recording the space in front and behind of your vehicle. It can record 30 minutes of footage without a power input while the 2.4” scratch resistant LCD display screen allows real-time viewing for heightened awareness during parking.

WDR technology boosts images during low light conditions to provide higher visibility at night while the ignition activated switch on means you’ll never miss a second. Loop Recording deletes unneeded footage while replacing it with newer recordings. In addition, the G-sensor detects impacts and collisions before locking down the recent recording should it be required in the event of an insurance claim.


  • Well built and compact
  • HD recording capability


  • Smaller design makes it susceptible to damage
  • Quite expensive

Best Quality Dual Dash Cam

For those willing to invest, the Pruveeo C2 Dual Dash Cam boasts an advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor for the clearest footage available. Suitable for use in all manner of vehicle types from cabs through to limousines, this durable camera has been developed by a professional brand leader and offers exceptional performance.

The 180 degree rotating viewing lens allows you to capture all angles while WDR technology controls the exposure to ensure every second is delivered clearly. Fitted unobtrusively to your windscreen, it can easily support a 128GB memory card alongside a 2.7” LCD wide screen which splits through the centre to allow both front and rear viewing. Finally, a 12 month manufacturer guarantee provides added peace of mind.


  • Exceptional video quality
  • Front and rear coverage


  • A lot of buttons and features can be confusing for some
  • In the upper price range

Best Dual Dash Camera For Low Light

A compact option for any driver, the YI Ultra Low Light Dual Dash Camera has been shown to provide superbly clear images. Easy to install, the camera can be operated using voice control which allows you to keep your eyes locked to the road for added safety. The 140 degree wide-angle lens easily captures up to three lanes at any given time with minimal distortion and records in high definition quality.

For ease of use, high sensitivity light sensors improve low light footage while a 3-axis gravity sensor stores and locks recordings for download in the future. During use, a 2.7” LCD widescreen splits down the centre to allow dual viewing with an intuitive interface that allows you to customise the information while driving.


  • 4 different recording options for ease of use
  • LED lights to ensure a long lifespan


  • More expensive than some models
  • Quite small and easier to damage

Best Panoramic Dual Dash Cam

and slim option for those looking to minimize obstruction in their journey, the Podofo Panoramic Dual Dash Cam offers four recording modes. The 360 degree panoramic design capture footage from every angle with a large 4” touch screen that allows for easy viewing.

The rear view camera is fully waterproof with a 170 degree lens suited to night time recording and benefiting from G-sensor functions that activates the recording in the event of a collision. 24 hour monitoring keeps your car protected throughout the entire day with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee adding peace of mind to this investment purchase.


  • 4 different recording options for ease of use
  • LED lights to ensure a long lifespan


  • Expensive to buy
  • Quite large

Best Dual Dash Camera Under $100

Keep the safety of your car and everyone in it at the height of importance with the COOFO Dual  Dash Camera. Manufactured in a compact design, this durable camera has a front Sony Exmore IMX323 lens recording at 1080P with a NT99141 at the rear.

G-sensor technology records and locks down any footage resulting from a collision to be used for any insurance claims. Infrared technology creates crisp low light footage with loop recording working to delete unneeded footage. A built in GPS and Parking Monitor system keeps your car protected at all times of the day


  • GPS for ease of use
  • Automatic stop and start technology


  • Both cameras are bulky
  • Upper price range for a dual camera set

Best Dual Dash Cams Buyers Guide

  • Budget

As with any important purchase, considering the budget you have available to purchase your dual dash camera is very important. If you’re looking for a wide range of features and added extras, you can expect to pay more for the privileged. On the other hand, those who simply require a camera to record footage for their own viewing, can choose from the cheaper lines on the market and source out the perfect model for their price range.

  • Additional Features

Most dual dash cameras can be programmed with additional features. These can effectively reduce the number of devices you need mounted within your car at any given time, therefore simplifying your driving experience. Some examples of these features include the option to add GPS information to your footage which could be imperative when it comes to improper insurance claims. G-sensor technology is another feature that detects impacts and locks the video away in a safe bank to make sure you always have evidence needed to prove your case. Make sure to read up on all the features included in your desired model to make sure it will perform to the best standard for your needs.

  • Battery Life

Although many dual dash cameras will charge using your car battery, it is important to consider the free-standing battery life your model has. If you spend a large percentage of your time commuting or travelling for business, a long battery life could help you in the event of a breakdown or other power related issues.

  • Wifi Compatibility

Some cameras have the capability to connect to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-fi. This can allow you to watch real time footage, play shots back or download files to share with others. In an age where content is instantly accessible, this can be a highly practical addition to have on hand.

  • Memory card?

In addition, some dual dash cameras have the capability to hold different size memory cards. This allows you to decide how much footage you expect to have at any given time while also making it quick and easy to transfer information to a laptop or other device. Most cameras are limited to 32GB so check your model before purchasing and note that this size card will hold, on average, approximately 4 hours of footage.

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