10 Dash Cam Youtube Channels You Need To Follow

Whether you’re looking to help other drivers notice potential hazards on the road or simply want to upload your footage to a safe and secure site, there are a host of websites specifically designed to host dash camera footage.

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In this article, we take a look at nine of the most popular and most used websites out there to help you make an informed choice about where is the best place to host your videos.

List Of Dashcam Youtube Channels From Around The World

Dash Cam Owners Australia

Dash Cam Owners Australia has over 115,000 subscribers with over 55,000,000 views since it launched in 2014. With a focus on increasing road safety awareness through the use of hazardous or accident-themed dash camera footage, they hope to help create safer drivers by making everyone more away of different road situations. The company also sell dash cameras via it’s e-commerce site and host a range of buying guides to help every driver make an informed choice about their purchase.

Exposed – UK Dash Cams

Exposed – UK Dash Cams has over 45,000 Youtube subscribers and more than 8,000,000 views since it’s launch in 2016. As it is hosted on Youtube, they have a wide range of videos available from across the UK which expose different road hazards and their outcomes. The website is regularly updates with compilation videos designed for both entertainment and education.

Mega Driving School

Focusing on North America drivers, the Mega Driving School Youtube page is a highly subscribed platform that hosts a wealth of videos from dash camera recordings. Aiming to highlight mistakes and possibly hazards on the roads, they aim to help their viewers learn more about safe driving while increasing their knowledge of general road safety.

Dashcam Stockholm

With a primary focus on drivers from Stockholm, Dashcam Stockholm launched in 2011 and brings footage of what it terms ‘bad drivers’ to it’s audience. Videos are also available from other places across Sweden and highlight the hazards drivers can face in different areas. This website features less regular updates than some of the others in this list – mostly due to it’s niche nature.

Dashcam Network

Dashcam Network notes itself as being ‘the absolute best place to find all UK dash cam footage’. These images are submitted from all over the country and features everything from near misses and crashes through to ‘bad driving’. The host of this page, launched in 2013, also uploads their own footage from Manchester and encourages engagement with it’s followers.

HGV Dash Cam footage

A popular Youtube page that has featured on many UK TV programmes, HGV Dash Cam footage has been designed to expose stunt or acts of bad driving that have been captured by dash cameras. Followers are encouraged to submit their videos via a dedicated link while footage from the page has been used in BBC documentaries and in their own UK based television series.

Car Crashes Time

Created for educational purposes, Car Crashes Time focuses on road safety and aims for it’s footage to be used as a learning tool. Designed to make drivers more aware of the potential hazards on their roads, the page launched back in 2014 and has over 113,000 subscribers. The footage features is from all over the world and features everything from crashes to other vehicle accidents.


Another page designed for educational reasons, DDS TV focuses on footage recorded in America and encourages followers to submit their own clips for consideration. The videos shown are designed to educate the audience on a wide range of potential hazards found on the roads as well as driver errors to watch out for. The page also offers a discount code for a corresponding USA based dash camera company to encourage it’s followers to join in.

Road Camms

Designed to increase awareness of the potential hazards on our roads, Road Camms focuses heavily on the risk to human life during traffic related accidents. They encourage users to submit their own footage of bad driving and hazards on a constant basis and promote the use of dash cameras for all road users as a form of protection from potential accidents. The page has over 88,000 subscriber and has been in operation since 2014