The 7 Best Cycling Cameras For 2020

What Are The Best Cycling Cameras?

Taking to the open road has never been easier and many people are opting for a cycling camera in their modern day repertoire.

cycling cameras

Affixing to different parts of your beloved cycle, these handy cycling cameras are there to document your adventures, keep track of fellow road users or even to track your technique – the choice is all yours.

However, as with most exciting gadgets, there are so many to choose from on the market today that it can seem daunting when choosing where to spend your money.

So, in this buyers guide, we’ve pulled together a list of the best bicycle cameras out there to help you make the right choice of camera for your needs

Quick View: 7 Best Cycling Cameras

PowPro Underwater Action Camera
Cycliq Rear Bike Camera
Homscam Wifi Bike Camera
Cycliq Fly12 Bike Camera
Veho Micro Action Camera
Urbo Multifunctional Bicycle Camera
Airwheel C5 Intelligent Camera

PowPro Cycling Camera

Active sports enthusiasts and those looking to delve below the deep blue are sure to love the PowPro PCycling Camera. Designed to offer high durability, this professional style camera required no additional shell and can be submerged up to 15m underwater. Supplied as standard with a 170-degree wide angle lens manufactured from HD 6 tempered glass to capture the clearest picture every time.

Suitable for Wi-Fi connectivity, the camera can work from up to 15 meters away with remote real-time preview along with G-sensor collision sensors and Cycliq recording. Recording up to 1080P and with a long shooting time of up to 90 minutes, this action suitable camera will help capture memories from your latest adventure.


  • Built for wet conditions, can even charge while wet
  • HD Output


  • Some people have complained that it doesn’t always come with the accessories
  • Smaller size equates to a smaller capacity

Cycliq Cycling Camera

A compact option for all activities, the Cycliq Cycling Camera and tail light is a practical addition to your cycling resources. Boasting a weather proof casing that stands out in the dark, this hard wearing camera mounts on to your bicycle seat post with a strong Velcro strap – perfect for swapping and changing when swapping between your favourite cycles.

With up to 6 hours of battery life, this camera is programmed with a looping record mode and incident protection for your footage as well as an 8GB micro SD memory card as standard. Recording in HD, the Fly6[v] is a great option for all activities from sporting through to commuting. For added safety, a 30 lumen tail light illuminates the route behind you and makes you more visible to other road users.


  • Good battery life
  • Works well in all weather conditions


  • Mounts via a velcro strap which can wear away
  • Quite expensive

Homscam Bike Camera

At the lower end of the price scale, the Homscam Bike Camera is ideal for the recreational bike rider. Recording in full 1280*720 HD, this rear facing camera can also capture snapshot images at your command. Supplied with a 110 degree viewing angle, it can capture the whole space behind you – perfect for tracking other road users and collisions.

Fully waterproof, it uses Wifi connectivity to link straight up to your smartphone or tablet meaning you can remove, edit or alter content on the move while also ensuring the perfect frame every time. A fully charged battery can keep the camera going for between 4-8 hours allowing you to capture your entire journey with a 5 year manufacturer warranty offers peace of mind.


  • Full HD recording capability
  • Generous 5 year warranty


  • Quite bulky for a cycling camera
  • Some users complain it drains a phone’s battery life

Cycliq Bike Camera and Light

Offering a two in one function to the modern cyclist, the Cycliq Bike Camera and Light makes for a fine choice. Recording in full 1080P HE, this compact camera affixes to your bike with an integrated alarm that notifies upon impact. An impressive 10 hour battery life means the longest trips can be captured forever in video with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to link up to your smartphone while on the mood.

This function allows you to edit the shot, download existing video and make alterations to avoid disappointment. Finally, the entire model is covered by Nano-technology which protects it from all weather conditions so even the most rugged of cyclists can put their minds to rest during use.


  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Nanotechnology allows for operation in all weather conditions


  • Quite bulky for a camera
  • In the higher price range

Veho Micro Action Camera

A great option for all activities, this Veho Micro Action Camera is only slightly larger than a coin making it perfect for those with minimal storage options. Recording 2 megapixel footage, this compact model boasts a 2BG micro SD memory card as standard with the option to upgrade to an 8GB if needed.

Boasting up to 3 hours of footage at any given time and resolutions of 640 x 480, it is an ideal choice for amateur videographers or those recording memories for their family album. Using the corresponding extreme sporting mount, the camera can be used on the move to record high quality images, video and sound.


  • Options for additional accessories
  • Can record up to 3 hours of footage


  • 4 GB of filming time isn’t that much
  • You get what you pay for with regards to price

Urbo Bicycle Camera

Securing on to the handle bars of your beloved cycle, the Urbo Bicycle Camera offers high quality function at an exceptional price. With Bluetooth functionality, it can be used as a digital amplifier, speaker, flashlight and camera remote button.

Alongside this, make sure you never miss those important phone calls with the hands-free connectivity actioned through one-touch buttons. Durable and hard wearing, this waterproof and dustproof model, it is ideal for those rocky rides as well as rainy weather. The flashlight illuminates up to 820 feet and runs for between 4 and 15 hours depending on the illumination mode chosen.


  • Multiple functions allow for a very versatile tool
  • Built to last


  • You do get what you pay for
  • Some of the functions are not as high quality as you would like

Airwheel Bicycle Camera Helmet

For those avid cyclists with a passion for technology, the Airwheel Bicycle Camera Helmet boasts a one-key operation while also connecting to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Sitting comfortably on most head sizes, it can easily play music, take photos or record video.

Record at 2K resolution with vivid movement for videos with a one key function for answering your phone that frees up both hands for the rugged activities at hand. The body has been manufactured from a high-quality EPS material which is both lightweight and sturdy with the entire helmet weighing in at just 440g – the equivalent of a standard leisure cap


  • One button to answer a call while on the go
  • A very comprehensive cycling camera


  • Bit of an eyesore, and removes the ability for a normal helmet
  • Quite expensive as you could probably guess

Best Cycling Camera Buyers Guide

So you’ve decided that a bicycle camera is definitely for you. Now, how do you know the one you’ve fallen in love with is right for your needs. We’ve pulled together some of the most important factors to take into consideration before parting with your hard earned money.

  • Size

The size of the bicycle camera will determine how portable and storable it is. If you’re someone who likes to travel with minimal luggage, a compact model could suit your more while those who regularly carry large backpacks will have more freedom with their choices.

  • Mount Type

In general, most bicycle cameras will fix to the top of your helmet. This raises them above the action, allowing you to capture the best footage and getting the optimal angle. However, for some, mounts that fix directly to the bicycle handles or frame could be a more practical choice – depending on your choice of sporting activity.

  • Cost

As with any purchase, taking into consideration your budget VS the cost of your perfect camera is vital. Those with more money to invest are likely to find themselves blessed with added extras and heightened features while those on a budget should shop around to ensure the best quality model for their money.

  • Resolution requirements

Resolution is measured in pixels and will determine the quality of your footage. A general rule of thumb says the most expensive the camera, the higher the resolution. If you want to capture images and videos for your own personal records, the clearest picture quality may not be of the highest importance. However, those that invest professional time in videography are sure to seek out the sharpest video footage available. Options will include everything from 1080p through to 4k.

  • Display

Do you want to be able to view your footage on the go? If so, you’ll want to consider a model that has its own display and one that can be seen easily in all weather conditions. With this function, you’ll also be able to set up the best shots and adjust the settings to make sure the footage you record is to your exact specifications.

  • Durability

Taking into account the sporting activity you plan to undertake, considering the durability of your chosen model is imperative. Many cameras come with hard wearing and all weather cases to house the internal workings – make sure to opt for a waterproof option should your rides take you to rivers or lakes.

  • Connectivity

Many modern bicycle cameras can now connect directly to smartphone using Bluetooth enabling you to playback, edit and upload footage instantly after recording. If this is something that interest you, make sure to check whether your current phone has these capabilities.

  • Battery Life

Another essential factor to consider for those looking to take their camera out in the great outdoors. A longer battery life not only ensure you’ll never miss a moment but also reduces the amount of additional equipment needed when setting off. Consider the battery life capabilities against your needs before investing in any model.

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