The 7 Best Wireless Webcams 2018 – Buyers Guide

What Are The Best Wireless Webcams?

From connecting with loved one from across the world to recording your very own footage for work, investing in a wireless webcam is an important purchase that many choose to make.

best wireless webcam

However, there are so many options available in the market today, it can be a confusing game trying to decipher which one offers the most benefits for your needs.

In this article, we pull together a list of the best wireless webcams out there right now and explain each ones benefits to help you invest in the best model for your needs.

Best Wireless Webcam Comparison Chart

Let’s take a quick look at the 7 webcams and compare them based on the two most important factors, the video quality and the lens angle. You can either click the image in the comparison table for more information about the product or you can scroll down our page

ItemLens AngleVideo
120 Degrees720P HD
120 Degrees720P HD
120 Degrees1080P HD
120 Degrees720P HD
120 Degrees720P HD
110 Degrees1080P HD
120 Degrees1080P HD

Best Wireless Webcam

Voted as the best wireless webcam by customer reviews, the Motorola FOCUS85-B Wifi Home Monitoring Camera offers high quality performance at a reasonable budget. Designed to link directly to either your smartphone, tablet or computer, this Wifi compatible model has a remote pan, tilt and zoom functionality to ensure you capture the entire frame.

Motion alert can be set up to notify you of when movement occurs with motion-triggered recording that automatically begins filming to make sure you capture every single moment.

Best Cheap Wireless Webcam

The ZyXEL Wireless Webcam is a compact and reliable model at the lower end of the price spectrum. Supporting high quality 720P HD video, it has a built in microphone and speaker that allows for two way communication with infra-red illumination technology that records clear and crisp night footage.

CloudEnabled, the footage recorded can easily be played back on any computer and is fully compatible with smartphone and tablets making it easy to analyse what you have captured. Finally, a MicroSD slot allows for additional memory storage at all times.

Best HD Wireless Webcam

Those seeking the best quality footage are sure to love the Wansview HD Wireless Webcam. With it’s compact design, this camera needs a direct power connection to run and can be easily installed in any location of your choosing. Built for quick set up, it links to the compatible app on your mobile phone through WiFI and can be used to view real time footage from anywhere.

The super wide 120-degree lens can be adjusted manually to capture the entire room without needed to zoom, pan or tilt with the ability to link up with additional camera and capture all rooms in the house. IR night vision captures clear footage up to 20 feet away in pitch black with a built in two-way speaker for interacting with your family at any time

Best Outdoor Wireless Webcam

When it comes to recording in the great outdoors, the D-Link HW Outdoor Wireless Webcam is a fine choice. Manufactured with an IP65 rated waterproof housing which effectively protects against rain, dirt, sleep and snow, this hard working camera captures 720P HD footage day and night.

The built in micro SD slot is able to hold up to 32GB of additional storage ensuring you’ll never miss an essential moment with motion detectors on hand to capture and record any movement instantly. Able to zoom up to 10x via the app, it is not compatible for Windows 10 but offers reliable service on iOS, Android and Windows phones

Best Small Wireless Webcam

The Adesso Small Wireless Webcam is a compact and durable option for those limited on space. Record at up to a 1.3 megapixels resolution, it is fully WIFI compatible and links up to allow viewing, editing and reviewing of footage on computers and smart phones.

Compatible with Instant Messenger, it is an ideal option for those seeking equipment for video conferencing with an integrated wide-angle lens to capture the entire room. Able to record footage and take snapshots, the corresponding app also doubles as an image editing app with the ability to upload files directly to social media at the click of a button.

Best Wireless Webcam For Home Security

Best suited to home security, the EasyN Home Camera has a portable design that allows you to place in anywhere you please. Quick and easy to set up, it can be connected to both iOS and Android smart phones with the corresponding app that also allows you to instantly stream video and have a two way audio dialogue through your phone.

The 110 degree lens captures the entire room which footage is consistently recorded in crisp 1280 x 720P HD. IR night vision ensures that, even in pitch black, clear footage is still possible up to a range of 33ft – ideal for protecting your home and possessions at all times of the day. Finally, this model comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee for added peace of mind

Best Wireless Webcam For Mac

Designed specifically for the Apple MAC user, the LOGICOOL Broadcaster Webcam is one for those that wish to invest. The sleek and attractive body fits in with the aesthetic choices of a modern Apple user while linking up easily with models of all different ages.

Suitable for everything from broadcasting, game streaming and news, it records clear and crisp imagery with a moveable design that allows you to angle your shot perfectly for your needs. The wireless design allows you to actively move the recording lens to the location of your choice without the risk of unsightly and potentially dangerous wires

Best Wireless Webcam Buyers Guide

Before making this important investment, it is vital to understand the specific requirements you have. There are a wide range of added extras and functions that are available with different wireless webcams and it is important to best understand them all to ensure that you won’t have to buy twice for lack of functionality. Below, we have listed and explained a few of the key factors that go into making this important decision.

  • Connectivity Quality

As with any wireless technology, it is important to understand that connectivity quality. Usually, we would assume that more expensive models can better guarantee their ability to connect (and stay connected) to your computer system during use. If you plan to use your webcam for personal reasons such as interacting with family, you may be able to overlook the odd break in connectivity. However, if you plan to use the wireless webcam for professional means, it may be smart to consider investing a bit more and opting for one that guarantees a stronger connectivity strength.

  • Size

Will your camera be travelling to different locations with you? Considering the size of your chosen webcam will help you make an informed decision according to your needs. Those looking to use their camera in one single place could go for a model with a slightly bulkier casing while those that wish to film from coffee shops/outdoors or in alternative locations may wish to choose a model compact option.

  • Compatibility

Although this is usually universal, some models of wireless webcam connect more efficiently to PC than they will MAC (and visa versa). Ensure you research into whether this could potentially pose a issue for you and choose a model to suit every single one of your needs.

  • Footage Quality

There is a range of different footage qualities to choose from when it comes to recording of all natures. The best wireless webcams will allow you to record in 1080P or even 4K HD, but note that this will probably come with an increased price tag. Consider the requirements of your needs – will you be sharing this footage publicly or just within your close circle of friends? If you need the footage for professional reasons, it may be advisable to invest in a better quality camera.

  • Budget

Finally, budget is an essential consideration for any purchase and one that should be taken into account just as much for wireless webcams. Decide on your budget and do some research to find out if you are able to meet all requirements within this.

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