The 10 Best Best Nanny Cams 2018

What Is The Best Nanny Cam?

Whether you’re looking to monitor a new babysitter or childminder for your precious baby or want to keep an eye on a new caregiver for an older relative, a Nanny Cam can quickly become one of the most important investments you make in any given year.

Considering the wide product offering available out there, it can seem a complicated and daunting task to find the perfect device for your needs.

To help simplify this process and take you one step closer to peace of mind, this article covers a number of key factors to consider when choosing your nanny camera along with a list of the best models as rated by customer reviews

Best Nanny Cam Comparison Chart

ItemSpecial Features
*HD Video & Audio
*Sleep Tracking
*Night Vision
*Temp Sensor
*Humidity Sensor
*4.3 LCD Screen
*Remote Camera
*Pan Tilt & Zoom
*Night Vision
*Two Way Radio
*Temperature Sensor
*Two Way Audio
*Night Vision
*Motion Activated
*140 Degree Video
*Night Vision
*90 Degree Wide Angle
*Motion Activated
*Live View On Your Phone
*90 Degree Wide Angle
*Motion Activated
*1080P HD
*Two Way Audio
*160 Degree Angle
*Remote Treat Giving
*Motion Activated
*Two Way Audio
*Night Vision
*Temperature Sensor
*Night Vision
*2.4 Inch Monitor
*720P Quality
*90 Day Standby Battery
*Motion Activated

Best Nanny Cam

If you’re looking for the clearest and most crisp footage, the Na nit HD Nanny Cam is the ideal solution. Designed primarily for monitoring infants and young children during the day and night, this sleek camera can be mounted to the wall with ease. Recording both audio and video footage, the overhead design sits at the perfect angle to record children in their cots with a cable management design that prevents cords becoming a danger hazard.

A great option for every day and night monitoring, the camera also features a soft night light which makes checking on babies much easier at nighttime. This practical camera can be operated using a smartphone app which allows caregivers to obtain complete control over their recordings


  • Good for people on a budget
  • Easy mounting to the wall


  • Rigid structure doesn’t allow for much movement
  • You get what you pay for

Nanny Cam With Audio

For the clearest images, the DBPOWER Nanny Cam With Audio can be used for optimal monitoring. The simple and easy-to-use design features a large LED colour screen showing real-life footage. Supporting a 32GB TF card, the device has a unique sound activated design that automatically begins recording when it detects activity.

The monitor displays vital information including room temperature while also making 2-way conversation easy and switching on a gentle lullaby when baby begins to stir. The monitor can link up to 4 cameras at any given time, making it ideal for keeping track of activity across the home while both pan and tilt functions ensure you never miss a second


  • LED colour screen
  • Audio option so you can hear what’s going on


  • Camera is small and easy obscured
  • Can be expensive

Motion Activated Nanny Cam

Sleek and stylish, the FREDI Motion Activated Nanny Cam fits in effortlessly with the most contemporary of households. Suitable for compact surveillance within your home, the modern device connected swiftly to your Wifi network while being fully compatible with the corresponding Android and iOS apps.

Boasting a super wide 185-degree lens, it can easily capture an entire room in one shot with an extra large 128G memory capacity – perfect for modern families. Motion sensors built into the camera allow it to automatically begin recording when movement is detected thereby reducing the amount of wasted footage and capturing the most important moments for your review


  • Connects to both android and Apple based applications
  • Motion sensors trigger recording functions


  • Night mode produces two red lights which do not switch off
  • Quite bulky to set up and position

Nanny Cam Alarm Clock

Keep a discreet eye on caregivers in your home at all times with this Zetronix Nanny Cam Clock Radio. Designed to mimic a standard digital alarm clock, this sleek model boasts an oval design that fits compactly into your hand at any time. Simple plug the camera into a standard power socket to charge and allow it to get to work (the camera also works for up to 4 hours with a full charge in its battery).

Boasting a 140-degree lens that captures 1080P HD footage for crystal clear review, it also promises to capture night footage up to 20ft from its lens. And for extra disguise, there are no blinking lights or LED indicators to raise suspicion


  • Designed to be small and discreet
  • Activated by motion sensors


  • Can be expensive
  • Small and discreet – leaves it open to being accidentally obscured

Nanny Cam Clock

Another discrete option for your home surveillance, the Zetronix Nanny Cam Wall Clock blends in seamlessly with your home decor. Cleverly concealed within, a 90-degree wide angle lens boasts a 15-degree downwards angle allowing it to capture the most active areas of your room. Recording in 1080P HD, the device connects to your smartphone and will send alerts directly to you in the event of movement.

Simply plug into any standard power outlet or allow it to run wirelessly with up to 6 hours of battery life on full charge. The addition of a 128GB micro SD card provides you with space and capacity to store up to 96 hours of footage at any given time


  • Camera is completely covered for discretion
  • Sends alerts to your phone whenever it detects movement


  • Quite a bulky device, being camouflaged does have disadvantages
  • Could be obscured accidentally

Smoke Detector Nanny Cam

Taking on the design of a standard household staple, the DareTang Smoke Detector Nanny Cam fits into any room with ease. Offering discrete recording for all needs, this all-in-one device boast motion detection which sends an alert directly to your smartphone or email address.

It records in high definition and boasts a fully rechargeable battery that can provide up to 4 hours of working time on a maximum charge. This nanny cam is quick and easy to set up with the ability to increase the memory capacity to 32GB with the addition of a micro SD card. Applicable with both Android and iOS, this is a discrete option for undercover surveillance


  • Disguised as a smoke alarm for discretion
  • Provides peace of mind to parents


  • Can be expensive to buy
  • If a noise is made, it may disrupt your baby

Nanny Cam For Dogs

The Furbo Nanny Cam For Dogs helps any cautious pet owner to keep one eye on their furry friends all day long. The unique design doubles up as a treat dispenser, with the capacity to hold up to 100 treats at any given time before catapulting them out in an electronic game of catch. It records in high definition 1080P from a 160-degree wide-angle lens.

The 2-way audio technology can be activated by your dog’s bark and allows you to calm down your pet with the soothing sound of your voice. Quick and easy to set up, it will record during the day and night – ideal for overnight stays or late nights at the office


  • Provides treats to your animal friend
  • Build to be tough and durable


  • Quite bulky
  • A more expensive option

Nanny Cam For Iphone

Keeping an eye on the activity in your home just got mobile with the PURETECH Nanny Cam For Iphone. Fitted with a wide angle lens, this sleek and attractive monitor boasts a sturdy stand which allows you to position it on any flat and hard surface.

Motion detection automatically starts recording when movement is detected with night vision as standard to capture clear footage of your youngest during the night. Quick and easy to install, it can be operated remotely from your iPhone or Android via the FREE app and comes with a cable power cord for the moments you need constantly flowing power


  • Can move around to suit needs and requirements
  • Very durable and long lasting


  • If knocked, signal can be disrupted
  • Somewhat obvious as a camera

Cheap Nanny Cam

An economic option for any concerned parent, the HelloBaby Affordable Nanny Cam offers all the vital functions of it’s more expensive competitors. A 2.4″ LCD display delivers clear colour footage that is streamed securely using 2.4GHz wireless technology. The camera itself is compact and modern in design – suited to the most contemporary of nurseries – with infrared night vision and temperature monitoring for peace of mind.

The audio technology provides 2-way communication with audio detection that powers the camera on should your baby wake in the night. Finally, this low-cost option also has a number of lullabies programmed directly into the camera to provide reassurance to your baby


  • Sound and picture capability
  • Good for a budget


  • You get what you pay for
  • Not as many features available

Nanny Cam Teddy Bear

The perfect disguise in any nursery, the Xtreme Nanny Cam Bear is simply adorable. Fitted with a battery powered and motion activated spy camera, it allows for remote viewing on any computer ensuring easy review. When fully charged, the battery has 90 days of standby power with the capacity to hold up to 64GB of footage at any time.

As with many nanny cams, motion detection activates the recording process to reduce the amount of wasted footage and ensuring you capture the most important moments every time. This camera is a great option for anyone seeking the highest discrete level of surveillance within your home


  • Long battery life
  • Disguised as a teddy


  • Small black camera can be identified if you look closely
  • Could be picked up, played with and damaged

Best Nanny Cam Buyers Guide

  • Hidden or Exposed

Depending on the nature of your surveillance, you may want to consider whether you are looking for a nanny camera that can be easily hidden from view or are happy to have it on show. There are a range of options available to suit both needs so it is worth taking this factor into consideration

  • Viewpoint

Depending on the size of your room or the position of installation for your nanny camera, considering the lens degree is vital to ensuring you capture all the information you need. If you’re looking to capture the entire room in one recording, look for a camera lens of at least 100-degrees or more. However, if you’re zooming in on a specific point in the room (e.g a baby cot or maybe a safe), you may be able to get away with a narrower focus lens.

  • Video Quality

An important consideration when purchasing any recording equipment is the video quality. Depending on whether you want to record during the day or night will dictate whether you need night vision installed as standard on your model. Having a higher quality video recording will ensure you can capture activity from further away. However, it is worth considering that lower quality footage will take up less storage space allowing you to save more footage at any given time.

  • Memory Location

Here you have the option of internal storage (from an internal hard drive or memory card) or internet storage in the form of a Cloud. Depending on the amount of footage you expect to need saved at any given time, either one of these options may be more suited to your needs. It is also worth considering the strength and security of your internet connection before making any major decisions.

  • Movement Functions (Zoom and Remote Pan/Tilt)

As they are primarily designed for discrete filming, most nanny cams will allow you to remotely alter the position of your lens. Whether that includes zooming into capture activities further away from the camera or panning and tilting the lens to follow activity in different areas of the room, it is worth understanding which of these functions are standard on your chosen model to ensure it fits all your needs.

  • Wireless or Wired

Depending on where in the room you hope to place your camera, taking into consideration it’s installation is vital. If the nanny cam needs to be wired into a mains power source in order to record, do you have a plug socket available in your chosen area? Alternatively, a large number of models are able to function with rechargeable batteries allowing you to place them anywhere in the room

  • How does a nanny cam work?

A nanny camera works buy sending video images via a wireless network to another device, a good example would be using your nanny camera with your phone. The camera would connect to your home wifi network and using your phones internet connection or a wifi connection to connect to your nanny cam to view live, real time video footage

The nanny camera is also able to either record and store the video footage for view on a later date (depending on the type of camera you purchase)

  • How much data does a nanny cam use?

If you are using your nanny camera to view real time video then the camera will of course be using data while it is connected to the wifi.

  • Is it illegal to have a nanny cam?

When used within your home, it is legal to make a video recording of anything as long as you have a legitimate reason for doing so. This could include monitoring the safety of your child and home. However, if you are recording someone without their knowledge, you must do this in a public space such as the living room or kitchen rather than your live-in nanny’s bedroom or bathroom.

In some places, it is illegal to record audio footage without someones prior knowledge and consent – including California.

  • Where to install a nanny camera?

This would depend on what room you’re setting up in. However, a few great places to install your nanny camera include on bookshelves, kitchen cabinets behind glass windows or even in plain sight.

  • How do i protect my nanny camera from being accessed by other people?

Make sure you have a secure wireless network with WPA2. If available, enable an encryption within the camera’s admin settings and set up a strong username and password that is not easily guessed. Also, ensure the firmware is updated regularly.

  • Can nanny cam footage be used in court?

As long as you adhere to current human rights and privacy laws, you will be able to use the nanny cam footage in court. Make sure to investigate whether you live in a state where audio recording of an individual without their consent or knowledge is illegal before making buying your camera.

  • Nanny cam vs baby monitor

You choice will depend on your individual needs. Baby monitors are portable and affordable but can have an excessive amount of static and limited reach throughout your home. In contrast, nanny cameras display a clear image of your child and can be accessed when outside of the home. However, this opens them up to the possibility of hacking which can put people’s safety at risk. The best solution would be to use a combination of both when monitoring your child or caregiver.

  • Do i need to inform employees that a nanny cam is being used?

If you are recording within your own home, you are able to record someone without their knowledge or consent as long as you have reasonable grounds to do so. However, as best practise, discussing your reasons for recording and the location of the camera’s with your caregiver can provide a sense of trust. You can also put up notices informing people that recording is taking place, without directly indicating where the camera is.

  • Is it legal to use a nanny cam in public spaces?

In general, it is legal to record in a public space without the consent of the person you are recording. However, each state is different so make sure to read up on the latest privacy laws before doing so.

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