The 10 Best Hidden Cameras 2020

What Are The Best Hidden Cameras?

From monitoring your prized possessions through to capturing intriguing footage, hidden cameras have risen in popularity with more and more people choosing to invest.

Whether you’re looking for something to conceal on your person or to place inconspicuously around your home, there are options available across the board with budgets to suit all needs.

Here, we have pulled together the best hidden cameras available to suit all needs – with a range of added extras, price brackets and installation means – to take the stress out of finding your perfect model

Best Hidden Cameras Comparison Chart

ItemVideoLens Angle
1080P HD90 Degrees
1080P HD100 Degrees
960P360 Degrees
720P180 Degrees
1080P HD90 Degrees
1080P HD70 Degrees
720P90 Degrees
1080P HD65 Degrees
1080P HD180 Degrees
1080P HD72 Degrees
1080P HD140 Degrees
1080P HD70 Degrees
720P HDN/A
1080P HD15 Degrees
1080P HD90 Degrees

Best Hidden Camera

Mimicking a inconspicuous USB charger, the Zetronix Hidden Camera In Charger is a compact option for your surveillance and monitoring needs. Recording in HD 1080P, it offers crystal clear video footage with a 90-degree wide angle lens to capture the entire scene in one sitting.

It can be programmes to stream live to your smartphone (applicable to both iOS and Android models) and can be set up to record onto a microSD card of your choice. Suitable for both day and night recording, set up alerts to your mobile phone to inform you of movement or watch/play/record footage from anywhere in the world.

Designed for those wishing to capture footage in any location, invest in a hard working and reliable hidden camera.


  • Concealed like a charging device
  • Easy to bring with you or set up in the home


  • Possibly easy to expose
  • Can be damaged if used as a real charger

Best Hidden Camera In Clock

Slipping easily into the most contemporary of room designs, the ENKLOV Hidden Camera In Clock blends concealed surveillance with modern style. Presented in a hexagonal design that stands proudly on your shelf, the sleek black body boasts interchangeable neon colours for the ultimate personalisation.

The simply mirror design effectively conceals the camera installed inside which boasts a built-in 100-degree lens. Compatible with a smartphone application, it benefits from the addition of night vision and motion detection that reaches up to 10 meters in front and sending an alarm straight to you upon detection.

Able to support a 64GB memory card, it also has a built in two way microphone which allows dialogue to be exchanged through it.


  • A very contemporary design shouldn’t attract suspicion
  • Functional while still being a camera


  • Quite bulky to put anywhere
  • Run the risk of it being obscured while in use

Best Hidden Camera In Light Bulb

Conveniently modelled on the classic style of a light bulb, the Jbonest Hidden Camera Light Bulb slips easily into any environment to support your secret filming. Suitable for everything from surveillance through to personal recording, it has a compatible app that allows it to be controlled through the tap of a finger.

Fast and easy WIFI connectivity allows remote access with a wide view angle lens that cuts out the risk of a blind spot. Recording in 960P and benefiting from micro SD cards up to 128GB in side, this unique camera has been programmed with a two way audio and IR night vision for crisp and clear footage every single time.


  • Disguised as a light bulb for maximum discretion
  • Functional at the same time as being a hidden camera


  • Quite fragile in design
  • If the bulb breaks, the camera could be damaged

Best Hidden Camera In Photo Frame

A discrete option for anyone looking to capture footage discretely within their home, the Conbrov Hidden Camera Photo Frame slips easily into your décor. Fitted within a concealed lens that fits in with the camera frame design, it benefits from the addition of night vision technology that captures clear images up to 15ft away.

The motion sensor is sensitive enough to capture movement up to 25ft away and instantly switches on to capture everything. In standby mode, it can run for up to 2 years at a time on daytime mode and 10 hours on night mode in manual mode. Keep your most precious items safe and protected at all times with this easy-to-install home addition.


  • No one will suspect a photo frame of being a camera
  • Fits right into the home environment


  • Could be accidentally obscured
  • Close inspection might reveal the camera

Best Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

Concealed behind the guise of a smoke alarm, the Zarsson Hidden Camera Smoke Detector fits easily into your home or business location. The compact design pairs with an inconspicuous camera lens that captures footage in 1080P HD. Connecting to your Wifi system and compatible with a corresponding app, it can monitor any area of your choosing through continuous video recording or snapshot captures.

It has built in motion detection that switches the model on when it detects movement and a loop record function that automatically records over old footage to preserve battery. A build in rechargeable battery supports up to 4 hours of continual recording while charging with the capability to hold up to 64BG micro SD memory card.


  • Highly unlikely anyone will suspect a smoke detector
  • Functional as well as discreet


  • In the event of a real fire, it will go off
  • View is somewhat limited to what the camera can see

Best Power Bank Spy Camera

Fitting into modern life with ease, the LUOHE Power Bank Spy Camera comes in the form of a portable power bank. This compact and portable hidden camera has been fitted with a hard working battery that can promise continuous recording of up to 35 hours while also providing suitable charge for smart phones.

Internally, it has a 32GB micro memory card that supports HD recording and a looping record process that automatically records over old footage when you come to the end of your space availability. A great option for those seeking clear and crisp recording footage in any part of their home or business.


  • Easy to take with you
  • High quality camera


  • If you loan it to someone, they might discover it
  • Could be damaged while in use

Best Charging Dock Camera

Merging together modern practicalities and hidden surveillance, the LIZVIE Charging Dock Camera stands discretely on your shelf or windowsill. Offering an iOS docking station combined with a hidden camera, it captures HD 1280 x 720P HD footage with a hidden camera lens built in.

Motion detection automatically switches on the recording whenever it picks up movement with the ability to set up alerts to an email account or mobile phone. A micro SD card provides ample space to store footage before removing for your own needs with the camera also benefiting from live viewing through to matching app.


  • hidden in the form of a charging block
  • Ample storage space for footage


  • Limited camera ability
  • Can be obscured by other things unintentionally

Best Hidden Camera In Water Bottle

Cover up your need for discrete recording with the guise of consuming your recommended water intake in the WEKE Hidden Camera Water Bottle. Modelled to resemble a standard plastic bottle, this battery sustained camera can capture up to 2.5 hours of footage and is compatible with micro SD cards up to 64GB in size.

The bottle contains water to add to it’s realism with a discrete camera that records high quality 1080P footage at all times. Use to document everything from festivals through to garden parties or any outdoor event without others detecting your actions.


  • Hidden in a water bottle – no one will think of that
  • Easy to bring along with you



  • If the label comes off, the camera is exposed
  • A break or leak will ruin the device

Best Glasses Camera

Suitable for on body wear, the Sappywoon Glasses Camera are designed to fit discretely into your everyday. Featuring loop recording which automatically records over old footage when your memory card fills up, it easily captures high quality footage for up to 10 hours of continuous recording.

Supporting up to a 32GB memory card, these glasses can work effectively with just 50 minutes of full charge. Connect directly to your PC or adaptor to charge and to view the footage that you’ve captured – the easiest way to control the angle and type of footage you record.


  • Designed to be discreet in the form of glasses
  • Powerful camera for recording



  • could easily be damaged
  • Spying glasses are a little cliche

Best Book With Hidden Camera

The perfect option for organised and important offices, the Brickhouse Book Hidden Camera slips discretely into your bookshelf. Made with a durable, leather look casing, this slimline camera records at 1080P / 30 FPS quality to ensure you’ll always capture the moments you need with IR LED night vision that picks up movement up to 16ft away.

The rechargeable battery records up to 10 hours in complete darkness or 30 hours in normal lighting while also offering up to 2 hours of battery charge when left on standby.


  • Concealed as a book, really very subtle
  • Made from durable materials


  • Could be discovered if the book is opened
  • You need other books to make it blend in

Best Mini Spy Camera

The MONY Mini Spy Camera sits discretely on your person or in your location of choice to capture footage inconspicuously. Managing to capture footage in 1080P quality, it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors with motion detection that notes movement in front of the lens.

The camera is capable of capturing still images also with a TV out connection that allows it to be linked up to the television in seconds. Infrared technology  also picks up on movement and action during darker hours.


  • Small and discreet
  • Powerful camera


  • Easily lost
  • Could be damaged accidentally

Best Spy Pen Camera

Helping turn anyone into a modern day James Bond, the Hetai Spy Pen Camera fits easily into the lifestyle of the modern worker. With the ability to record in 1080P HD, it offers vibrant and clear footage with a single click function allowing you to stop and start recording in seconds.

Able to connect to your chosen WIFI, it can be linked to your smartphone via the corresponding app for live-time viewing and the ability to add or remove a time stamp. The sleek and professional style sits well in all environments and is fully compatible with both PC and MAC models for viewing, editing and alterations.


  • Very versatile; everyone has a pen
  • Can record plenty of footage


  • You might lend it to someone without thinking
  • Pens have a habit of being misplaced

Best Button Camera

For those looking to record footage from their person in a discrete manner, the MVOWIZON Button Camera is a playful way to move into surveillance recording. Easy to fit to clothing, these compact cameras support real time recording with up to 480P footage quality.

A built in lithium battery allows you to record videos up to 100 minutes in length with a fully charged battery and it can easily support micro SD cards up to 16GB in size with an 8GB SD card provided as standard.


  • Very easy to hide in plain sight
  • Compact and portable


  • Somewhat juvenile
  • Can be obscured accidentally

Best Wall Outlet Hidden Camera

Keep track of all movement, activities and actions in any room when you choose to install the Fuvision Wall Outlet Hidden Camera. Simply install using the Stick-It tape provided and apply to your chosen wall – this camera can be easily set up with 30 hours of battery to power the hidden camera within.

Built in PIR motion sensor detects movement and sends an alert directly to your smartphone for peace of mind. Compatible with Micro SD cards, it can support up to 64GB in size with the ability to record in 1080P HD quality. Compatible with PC and MAC, it is completely wire free and can be moved around to your desired location as and when you need it.


  • Designed to be inconspicuous
  • Provides plug sockets too


  • Low down on the ground
  • Would require being wired into the mains

Best Hidden Camera Coat Hook

Designed to imitate a traditional coat hook, the FTSCOM 1080P Hidden Camera Coat Hook fits into any contemporary home with ease. It has a mirrored cover that allows it to disguise the lens beneath while benefiting it’s in-built night vision.

Recording in 1080P HD, it can be used to record both photos and videos with wireless remote control that links in with your smartphone. Able to support a memory card of up to 128G, it boasts loop record technology that will automatically film over old footage once the card is full so you never need to worry about running out of space.

For all day and all night working, this camera has a built in lithium battery that requires just 3 hours to charge to full capacity and can run for up to 6 hours while being fully functional while on charge.


  • Disguised as a coat hook for flexibility
  • Ample storage space for video footage


  • If inspected closely, obviously not a real coat hook
  • Can possibly be damaged with use

Best Hidden Cameras Buyers Guide

When it comes to making such a purchase, it is always important to first establish what factors are the most important to you. Do you have a strict budget to adhere to or maybe there are specific features that are essential to your needs?

All of these factors play a role in the hidden camera model you will eventually choose to purchase. For this reason, we have pulled together a short buyers guide which explains the key factors to consider.

  • Budget

A key consideration for every single purchase, it is best to understand your budget availability before searching for the perfect hidden camera. There are models from available for those on a budget through to those willing to invest for professional means and each one will host a range of different features. By understanding the amount of money you have available to spend, you will be able to narrow down the endless list of options to those that are achievable and realistic.

  • Footage Quality

Dependant on what you intend to use the footage for, quality can be a key factor in making your decision. If you are simply recording for your own surveillance or for personal use, you may be able to get away with a lower quality which usually corresponds with a cheaper price. However, if you plan to share this content in any way, choosing a crisp and sharper footage quality will ensure you are able to analyse and review your footage clearly and efficiently.

  • Wireless or Wired

As with most technology these days, there are models that need to be wired into your building electricity system to work and others that can work wirelessly. Choosing between these two options could boil down to your availability of equipment or the location in which you wish to review footage or install your model.

  • Memory Card Capabilities

Although most models will come with some internally build memory, most will also be supplied with an additional memory card. Considering how much footage you need your model to hold in any single filming will help you to better understand the memory card capabilities you require. Those looking to leave their camera recording all day long should look into models that accept larger cards while those looking to film specific time frames could opt for smaller (and cheaper) cards.

  • Internet Accessible

Are you looking to access the information directly from the internet? Or are you able to download the footage too and review it on a computer or laptop? Some models have internet connectivity which can allow other users to view the footage as you film – but it is worth noting, there will be an increased cost for this benefits so consider it within your requirements.

  • Installation

Most cameras are quick and easy to install but understanding the time expense needed to best set up your camera will help you understand how quickly you can begin filming. Also, some cameras can be body worn and require a different level of installation

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