Best Helmet Cams

A helmet camera refers to a camera affixed to a helmet. It is usually utilized to record a video from the point of view (POV) of a person.

This is useful among those who are athletes, sports enthusiasts, or adventurers who want to record their moments seamlessly without using their hands.

With this gadget, you can simply use the helmet cam to capture your activity without obstructing your view.

As compared to non-POV standard cameras, helmet cams often perform sub-par, but through technological advancements, there have been breakthroughs which has led to the evolution of some great helmet cams on the market.

A good helmet camera must capture a high-definition (HD) video quality at 4K, 1080 pixels, or 720 pixels. It must also have a high frames-per-second (fps) which indicates how fast your videos area is recorded under the lens.

Ideally, 120 fps is the best, but the standard 30 fps can be sufficient to view videos in clearer detail. To give you an idea of some of the most capable and reliable helmet cams available right now, here is a list highlighting their features, benefits and drawbacks.

GoPro Hero4 Session 8MP Camera

This is the smallest and lightest camera from GoPro which can take 8MP photos with 30 frames per second (fps). You can choose to record your videos in different resolutions: 144p at 30 fps; 720p at 100 fps, or 1080p at 60 fps.

The quality of video and image outputs are already comparable to standard non-POV cameras. Operation is quite simple: just press its one-button control, and you can go on capturing videos from your POV.

Its best feature is its waterproof design which can be submerged underwater under 10 meters. No special housing is required when you want to dive into the water with this helmet camera.

More than its great features, it guarantees to be durable and reliable in harsh elemental conditions. The battery is built into the unit, so you only need to charge it if it is running low on power.

Despite all these great features, a few customers have reported that their units freeze sometimes, otherwise, this product is a durable helmet camera.

GoPro Hero4 Black

This unit offers the best video quality at 4K resolution. Photos can also be taken at 12MP at a maximum of 30 frames per second. It is built with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

You can edit your videos by trimming long videos into short video clips which gives better control to users. It offers features which can allow you to customize the exposure settings for darker light shooting conditions.

Using the Bluetooth function, you can turn your smartphone into a remote for this unit.

Like the GoPro Hero4 Session, it is waterproof, but it can go as deep as 40 meters below the surface. This can be perfect for water activities, like diving, skiing and surfing.

Despite its great features, there have been a few complaints about the battery life of this unit, which seems to be too short. Nonetheless, this issue is not a deal breaker with its other great features that includes 4K video resolution.

Tachyon OPS Full-HD 1080p helmet camera

This unit may be the smallest and lightest helmet camera in the world which offers a Full-HD 1080p video resolution. This is a great feature because you won’t feel its weight when you attach it to your helmet, which makes recreation more enjoyable.

Though it may have a lower recording quality of 5MP as compared to the GoPro Hero4 Black, its video quality is still surprisingly sharp and clear. It also has a longer recording time of almost 5 hours with uninterrupted use.

Unlike GoPro Hero4 Black and GoPro Hero4 Session, this unit is not waterproof which makes it limited to land use only.

It also lacks a Wi-Fi feature that the other two offer, and its lens stays static. This is is to be expected since it costs less than the two GoPro units.

Nevertheless, this helmet camera is easy to operate and is best choice for those who are into road sports like biking and cycling.

Stealth 2 Sports Action Camera by Drift

This helmet camera can record at full HD 1080p video resolution at 30 fps. Recording time can last as long as 3 hours. This is slightly lower than the Tachyon OPS, but its lens can be rotated up to 300 degrees for better coverage, which can’t be done by its counterpart.

Aside from being a helmet camera, it can also be used as a dash cam for you vehicle. Though it may not be as water resistant as the GoPro, this specific unit can still endure a few splashes of water because it promises to be weather resistant.

This is a good bargain compared to its competitors, the Tachyon OPS and the GoPro. Though it can still record a full-HD video quality, it may be less clear when recording footage under dark light conditions.

There have been a few complaints from customers who reported that this unit turns hot immediately even when not recording. Nonetheless, this unit is a great bargain for those who are looking for sufficient enough video quality at a low price.

Contour ROAM Waterproof HD

Like the GoPro series, this unit is waterproof which suits it best for water sports and recreation, but is offered at a lower price. It is built like a bullet which seems to be light.

As compared to all the helmet cameras reviewed, this unit has the shortest recording time of 2 hours. Though its video quality may not be as superb as the GoPro series, its 5MP capacity is enough to produce vivid footage.

Its lens can be rotated similar to the Stealth 2 camera but it offers a better waterproof advantage that the Stealth. You can use the Contour ROAM for diving underwater.

Though it may have received complaints about battery issues and subpar video quality, its price is the cheapest compared to its competitors with the same features offered.