10 Best Helmet Cams For 2020

What Are The Best Helmet Cams For Motorcycles?

From the avid mountaineer through to the cyclist commuter, helmet cams have swiftly become a must-have tool in the field of active sports. Whether you’re taking to the highest cliffs and looking to document every step along your journey or simply want to protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims, these lightweight and highly capable machines offer consistent recording in a wide variety of weather conditions and with a whole range of additional specifications for all your on-the-go needs.

best helmet cams - buyers guideWith so many different options available on the market today, we’ve rounded up our list of the best helmet cams as chosen by buyer reviews so you can quickly locate the one that is most suited to your needs

Best Helmet Cams Comparison Chart

Let’s have a quick look at the motorcycle helmet cameras and compare them based on the two most important factors, lens angle and video quality. You can click the images below to find out more information or just scroll down the page

ItemLens AngleVideo Quality
360 Degrees4K HD
170 Degrees1080P HD
170 Degrees1080P HD
270 Degrees720P
170 Degrees720P
170 Degrees1080P HD
170 Degrees1080P HD
120 Degrees1080P HD
270 Degrees1080P HD
165 Degrees1080P HD

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Camera

Capture the world around you with ease and without the need for your hands with the Nikon waterproof motorcycle camera. Featuring two NIKKOR lenses and two image sensors, this technologically advanced machine allows the wearer to record a 360-degree view and in turn, creating a fully immersive 4K video of his excursion.

With it’s Wi-fi capacity, you can easily transfer your recorded footage onto your smartphone in minutes while the large 64GB High-Capacity microSDXC memory  card stores large quantities of footage until it’s needed. Lightweight so as not to cause discomfort while cycling or adventuring, this camera is fully waterproof and can be fitted to any helmet with a curved or flat surface.

Alternatively, when you choose to take your 4×4 over rocky terrane, this camera can be easily fitted to the dashboard allowing a seamless recording of your entire journey. This camera comes in a large kit, complete with everything you’ll need to take thrilling videos while you’re backpacking in the most remote locations.


  • A wide selection of accessories to compliment the kit you’ve chosen
  • A lot of the objects in the kit are designed to be waterproof and durable


  • The whole kit is quite an expensive thing
  • Some items have been described as being a little flimsy

Best Motorcycle Action Camera

A global success in transportable recording, the GoPro motorcycle action Camera offers professional grade recording in full HD and up to 1080p footage. Made by the industry leader in compact, action cameras, this lightweight model can shoot up to 60 frames per second while the WVGA resolutions provides a smooth playback with slow motion option available if needed.

The camera boasts the industry’s widest angle lens at 170-degrees and promises to deliver crisp footage from any adventure. Highly versatile, the GoPro HD Helmet Hero can be attached to all helmet designs while also working well on the end of Selfie Sticks and attached to backpacks.

With it’s waterproof casing, jumping into that hidden lagoon is sure to produce images of envy from your friends while the high quality audio equipment means every splash and excited scream will be heard for many years to come. Shoot over 8 hours of footage with the 32GB SD Card and rest easy that your camera will always be charged and ready to go with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery and built in warmer.


  • The GoPro brand is one which is designed for rough use
  • Designed to not get in the way of your activities


  • A branded object will be more expensive
  • There are no accessories that come with this

Best Quality Helmet Cam

Designed for use by the fire brigade and other public safety personnel, this lightweight helmet camera can be operated through your smartphone via a Wi-fi connection allowing you to quickly record and capture those important moments. Quickly download all your footage, recorded in both 1080p and 720p high definition, on to your computer with ease while the camera’s wide angle view and low light adjustment ensure a clear video in all manner of conditions.

Designed for firefighters, the camera has been made from a heat resistant anodized aluminium with a heat resistant glass lens allowing it to take on temperatures up to 900F for a short period of time. The camera has also been constructed with a waterproof sound cap, capable of functioning up to 33ft underwater and promises crystal clear video with the option to slow down action shots easily during the editing process.


  • Designed for use by fire personnel, it is going to be tough
  • Not a very expensive piece of kit


  • You get what you pay for with regards to picture quality
  • Attaches to a windshield or window, you can’t take it outside the vehicle with any ease

Best Bullet Motorcycle Camera

The perfect choice for those who take to the rushing currents during their spare time, the Contour ROAM2 Bullet Motorcycle Camera has been crafted specifically to offer watertight function during all manner of activities. With the low profile design that blends easily with the rest of your equipment, the camera has no external case to reduce bulk and is compatible with all Contour helmet mounts making it an ideal choice for a wide range of sporting events.

The 270-degree rotating lens captures a full view of your excursion while the ability to shoot 60 frames per second at 720p ensures your entire video will be crystal clear for later viewing. Available in a wide variety of colours to suit your existing kit and fitted with a locking instant-on record switch allowing you to shoot when ready, this camera offers everything you’ll need to make those high-action videos and adventurous stunt clips you’ve been aiming towards.


  • Designed to be contoured and flexible
  • 60 FPS ensures a good standard of video


  • Quite an expensive video camera
  • Does not come with many accessories

Best Adventure Motorcycle Camera

Developed by one of the market leaders in recording equipment, the Polaroid XS100i Adventure Motorcycle Camera has been developed for the extreme sportsman. Offering professional-style footage, this lightweight camera can be easily mounted on your helmet for a clear eye-level view of the activity of your choice.

Wether you’re partial to surfing, skiing or rafting, the camera has Wi-Fi capability allowing you to easily tranfer videos to your smartphone while also giving you the option of adjusting the settings without dismounting it from it’s perch.

The G-Sensor automatically recognises which way the image should be adjusted to while the waterproof casing allows submersion down to 10M. A 170-degree ultra wide angle lens offers no distortion and works with the Dual File Recording technology that allows a smaller file to be saved for quick transfer. Aerodynamically shaped and with a shock-proof exterior that minimized wind noise, you will have the option of adjustable frame rates at 720p and slow of fast motion slots – depending on your needs.


  • Comes with a full mounting kit
  • An aerodynamic design reduces the chance of low quality footage


  • Quite expensive for a camera

Best Underwater Helmet Camera

Suitable for all manner of sporting activities, the ION Underwater Helmet Camera can be mounted onto any smooth surface from a helmet through to the dashboard of your car. Capturing high-speed actions shots in full HD 1920 x 1080p and at 30 frames per second, it’s waterproof construction allows it to be submerged to depths up to 9.1M. Lightweight in design, the camera has easy to use one touch functions that allow personalisation while on the mood and a 170-degree wide angle lens for capturing every frame of the action.

The MicroSD Card Slot provides the capability to save footage quickly – no matter the size – while the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack promises power when you need it most. Sleek in it’s design and suited to all manner of extreme action sports, the camera is provided with mounts, 8GB of cloud storage and a 16GB MicroSD Memory Card to get you started


  • Easy to use design
  • Waterproof design


  • Files recorded can sometimes be in a format which is hard to playback
  • Some people have complained of a low resolution

Best Helmet Camera With Bluetooth

Avid motorcyclists will love the sleek and practical design of the Sena Helmet Camera With Bluetooth. Combining camera technology and headset design into one model, this camera is the ideal choice for both outdoor sportsmen and motor sport enthusiasts. Fitted with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this waterproof machine can be operated by voice control allowing you to keep your hands firmly on the handlebars. Built in camera function records high definition 1080p footage at 30 frames per second while also boasting single, burst and time lapse modes.

Coming in as an added extra, the headset part of this devise allows the rider to record a voiceover onto any section while also including the capability for a four-way intercom with a radium of up to 1.6km. Advanced Noise Control keeps your voice crystal clear while allowing you to also share music with other users and listen to FM-radio while riding. Get two items for the price of one with this highly advanced helmet camera.


  • Bluetooth Capable for your convenience
  • Water resistant, so you can use it in all kinds of weathers


  • Quite a small device
  • Doesn’t come with a lot of accessories

Best Helmet Cam For Battery Life

The PowerLead Caue Helmet Cam has a slimline and compact design that makes it ideal for motorcyclists. Fitted with a 120-degrees high resolution lens, this camera can record in full HD 1080P with up to 60 frames per second. At full charge, the camera can record for up to 2.5 hours allowing you to capture every second of your adventures and can be extended up with a 32GB MicroSD card for additional storage space.

Light sensor technology ensures, even in the darkest of environments, you still capture footage as clear as crystal while the built in microphone captures every sounds to make your video truly immersive. Fitting in the palm of your hand and lightweight in design, this camera is perfect for those who wish to take to the roads, with their feet to the pedals and wile away a few hours in a peaceful world of their own while still bringing back a cherished memento from their trip – a clearly recorded video.


  • High resolution video quality
  • Small and concealable


  • No capacity for an external microphone
  • Mounting structure has been known to be quite unstable

Best Motorcycle Camera Kit

The next time you step astride your beloved motorcycle, ensure the Tachyon Motorcycle Camera Kit is there right along side you. Designed specifically for use with motorcycle enthusiasts and suitable for both sports recording or protection against fraudulent insurance claims, this lightweight camera mounts directly to the top of your helmet with ease. An auto-start and stop recording system kicks in with the ignition of your bike to ensure every second of your journey is covered. Recording in Full HD for both video and audio, the camera is perfect for use in low light scenarios and is supplied with a waterproof cover for protection when the heavens open.

A Charge n’ Record 12V charger ensure you’ll never be left without your trusted tool and can also be mounted on the handlebars dependant on your specific requirements. With a full charge, the camera can run for up to 2.5 hours at a time and is compatible with a 64GB memory card holding up to 7.5 hours of 1080p footage.


  • 1080p video quality
  • Still works well in low light situations


  • Very expensive
  • Wind noise can be an issue

Best Helmet Cam With Night Vision

When recording in low light situations happens to be your norm, the Yuntab Helmet Cam With Night Vision has been designed to stand right by your side. Fitted with the Starlight Sensor, this camera is the first in the world to have been created completely for the purpose of night time recording and promises 1080P HD resolution footage at all times.

The 32GB built in MicroSD memory card holds a large capacity of video at any times while the continuous power supply from a lithium-ion battery allow you to record for up to 6 hours continuously.

Press-to-shoot technology makes the camera easy to function while the 0.6 second top-speed startup ensures you’ll never miss a moment. Suitable for use in high action sports or active excursions, the Starlight also acts as a safety tool, protecting it’s wearer from fraudulent insurance claims should they choose to mount it on a motorbike or cyclist helmet or even the dashboard of a car. Lightweight and discrete without imposing on the silhouette of an active sportsman, this camera can also be functioned through Wi-fi ensuring a quick and efficient method of transferring footage once needed.


  • Small size makes it easy to use
  • 50 day charge when not in use


  • Some people have complained of intermittent video recording
  • Still fairly expensive to buy

Best Helmet Cams Buyers Guide

It is important to understand your requirements and goals before making an important purchase, such as a helmet camera. Below, we have broken down some key factors to take into consideration when choosing the ideal model for you.

  • Durability and construction

Depending on the nature of your sport or activity, it is important to take into consideration the durability and construction of your helmet camera. Off road cyclists may required more robust equipment compared to those simply wishing to capture the view from their morning stroll. While most helmet cameras are intrinsically designed to stand up to rigorous activity, it is important to understand any restrictions noted with your model to ensure you don’t end up in an inappropriate situation with a busted camera.

  • Image quality

Are you recording for your own personal memories or for more professional reasons? The range of cameras available on the market will all boast a varied array of image qualities – allowing you to choose the one best suited to your needs. From 720p right up to the most advanced 4k, you are likely to notice a significant increase in price as the image quality improves. However, it could be an investment worth making if your images and footage has the potential to end up being used for more exclusive or professional means.

  • Camera memory size

Most cameras will come with a degree of internal memory, however most are also supplied with additional memory cards. Understanding the memory limits for your model ensures you are aware of the length trip or excursion you can rely on one memory card to capture. If your camera has limitations to the size of memory card it is able to take, you may use this information to dictate your decision – for example, those wishing to document an entire trip will need to select a model capable of holding high volumes of crisp, clear footage and without a limited risk of corruption.

  • Battery life

Another important factor to take into account when planning an excursion is battery life. People planning to film specific moments throughout a trip may be able to deal with shorter battery expectations while those opting for the full, vlog-like experience will need to ensure their battery can stand the test of time. These types of excursion should always be accompanied by additional batteries to avoid the disappointment of missing out on any key action.

  • Additional features

There is an extensive range of additional features available for our modern day helmet cameras. Additions such as GPS location tracking which can be imposed directly on to your footage through to the ability to link up directly with apps on your smartphone – every single feature provides specific benefits to specific needs. If your budget will allow, opt for one with all the extras and have fun playing around to find the most appropriate set up for your needs. Alternatively, make sure to do your research and discover which models within your price point promise to offer you the exact features you require.

  • Mounting options

Normally, these cameras have two modes of mounting – strap or sticky. Strap mounts are more durable for heavy impact activities such as extreme water-sports or off-road cycling while sticky mounts (including velcro) may be best suited to gentle hikes and non-contact based sports. Make sure to understand the manufacturers recommended mount type before purchasing any camera.

  • Waterproof casing?

Will you be delving to the deepest depths or even just standing close to the waters edge? Many helmet cameras come with a waterproof casing (either as standard or provided as an extra option) and these can become an invaluable item in your kit bag. Protecting the electrical components from the highly damaging impact of water will ensure both maintenance and repair costs are kept at a minimum and you are always prepared to capture that perfect shot.

  • Weight

Finally, although the weight of a helmet camera is a standard consideration taking into account by the manufacturers, it is still a factor you should consider before your purchase. Designed to be lightweight, taking into account your own strength along with the manoeuvrability you will need to complete your activity allows you to understand the additional weight you can afford to add to your person. The lightest cameras are ideal for highly physical activities where the heavier ones can provide momentum for other sports – the choice is yours

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