What Is The Best Car Camera 2018 – Buyers Guide

What Is The Best Car Camera?

A Car Camera is an every day need with an increase in the number of car crashes and collisions and other road-related accidents caused, often by undisciplined drivers, the number of deaths and casualties also increases. Car owners are continuously seeking ways to help prevent these, and this is why dashboard cameras are becoming a vital in-car accessory to invest in.

Dashboard cameras have become a popular way to provide extra security for a vehicle and record road-trips, track days, and even unexpected events. A dashboard camera is exactly what its name suggests: it’s a camera mounted to a car’s dashboard. Dashboard cameras are equipped with features to record videos automatically, detect motion to prevent car theft, and even GPS to record your speed and location.


They are typically small enough to be hidden discreetly at the back of a car’s rear view mirror to record videos almost secretly. For car owners whose goal is to have a safe and sound trip, those who want to keep their minds at ease while driving, even those who just want to document their awesome road trips, a dashboard camera is the ultimate in-car accessory must-have for you.

Best Car Cameras

Let’s take a look at the best car cameras available on the market today

backup camera - Buyers Guide

Backup Cameras

A backup camera is a great way to keep an eye on the space around the back of your car.

Adding to the safety of the modern vehicle, the backup camera means that you’ll always know what’s going on at the rear.

It’s perfect for vehicles that have trailers, because you can monitor the connection and stay in control.

Rear View Mirror Camera - Buyers Guide


Rear View Mirror Cameras

The rear view mirror camera is the first one on our list. As a safety feature, it allows you to be able to see out the back of your car regardless of what you’ll find and what could happen.

You’ll use a rear view mirror camera to make sure that the place you intend to park in is safe, and that you can always see what’s behind you.

Front And Rear Dash Camera - Buyers Guide

Front And Rear Dash Cams

Front and rear dash cameras are designed to be modern and responsive.

They’re placed on both the front and back of a vehicle and give you peace of mind. You might use them for something like keeping track of your vehicle in case you’re involved in an accident.


Cameras For Bikes And Motorcycles

Because driving a car isn’t the only type of commutable transport that is popular, riding your motorcycle or pedal bike has many positives

Best Helmet Cameras - Buyers Guide

Helmet Cameras

Helmet cameras are cameras which, as you expect, fit into the helmet.

They’re used to keeping a record of what’s in front of you, capturing the views and experiences without having to compromise on safety.

cycling cameras - Buyers Guide

Cycling Cameras

Cycling cameras are cameras which are designed to sit on a bicycle and are used to track the terrain, your movements or even other cyclists.

This kind of system would be best when used for long journeys or busy cities when you need extra protection for your ride.

Overall, these are the six best car cameras. They’ve all got features which make them incredibly helpful devices to have in your vehicles, and it’s easy to see why.

One of the biggest perks to a camera will always be the improved peace of mind that they bring you because you know that the footage on them will help to prove your innocence in a problem, but also help to ensure that you don’t have any accident.

What To Look For In A Car Camera

  • A good car camera lives up to your expectations. Being a driver, you have your own expectations about the performance of a dash cam. There are a lot of dash cams available on the market today with almost the same functions, but as a driver with high expectations, these functions should fit perfectly with your needs.
  • Most important is that it is worth every penny. Dash cams tend to come at higher price points. But sometimes, high price doesn’t mean high quality. It doesn’t matter if a dash cam is a little bit cheaper. As long as it performs well and lives up to your expectations, it is the best dash cam for you.
  • Check the quality of its output. Dash cams are there to record. Its high-tech functions are useless if the quality of its videos are compromised. Make sure that you only get a dash cam that shoots in high definition.
  • Finally, find a user-friendly dash cam. This camera will be with you all the time. It should be easy for you to figure out its settings and features in case you immediately need to extract videos from it for whatever purpose. Make sure you always get the best out of it.

How To Choose The Best Car Camera

With the rise in popularity of dashboard cameras, a lot of different brands and models are also starting to pop up. Dash cams are technically a new technology that most people don’t have any idea about. But with all the information readily available, how do you choose the best dash cam for you? Here are some tips:

  1. First of all, think about what you need and figure out your budget. List the specific features you’d like your dash cam to have. This is where the specifications come in.
  2. ​What size do you like? Color? Is there a warranty for the item? Along with these, always note the necessary features a dash cam should have. Make a checklist of those features and double check if the item that you’re eyeing has them all.
  3. What size do you like? Color? Is there a warranty for the item? Along with these, always note the necessary features a dash cam should have. Make a checklist of those features and double check if the item that you’re eyeing has them all.
  4. Also, make at least five top choices from all the available dash cams in the market that are within your budget and have all the specifications you need.
  5. Lastly, research. Read dash cam reviews online. Compare your top choices and their advantages and disadvantages. Most of the items will have disadvantages, weigh all of them and ask yourself which ones you can live with.

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