The 10 Best Vehicle Backup Cameras 2020

What Are The Best Backup Cameras?

As any responsible driver knows, being aware of your surroundings is key to safe driving. While, traditionally, we relied on the reversed views our car mirrors afforded us, the 21st century has now brought us the convenience of  a backup camera.

backup camera

Installing into more vehicle types, these cameras provide clearly visible, real-life footage of the area behind your car to reduce the risk of knocks and accidents. As with all new technology, there are an endless list of different options to choose from and it can become quite confusing when deciding upon which model to invest your time in.

We’ve pulled together a list of the best backup cameras available now so you don’t have to waste time traipsing the internet or the store

Backup Camera Comparison Chart

ItemLens AngleScreen Size
360 Degrees4.3 Inch
180 Degrees4.3 Inch
170 Degrees4.3 Inch
170 DegreesN/A
170 Degrees4.3 Inch
180 Degrees5 Inch
170 DegreesN/A
140 Degrees7 Inch
135 Degrees4.3 Inch
170 Degrees5 Inch

Best Wireless Backup Camera

A comprehensive kit for anyone just starting out with the world of dual camera, the AUTO-MOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera helps you park safely and effortlessly. The wireless design allows it to mount in any location of your choice while also making installation quick and simple. The monitor displays a clear view of the rear space behind your care with an IP 67 waterproof casing allowing it to be installed on the outside of your vehicle by the reverse lights.

Picking up no interference from other devices, this high quality camera can produce exceptional, stable resolution up to 100m in range. Featuring 6 high brightness LED lights and a digital high-definition image processor, you’ll be able to pick up and record the sharpest image even in low light conditions. The mount itself affixes with strong adhesive silicone and can be fitted to the windshield or dashboard.


  • Wireless design allows for an easy installation
  • Well designed and suitable for all conditions


  • Quite expensive for a reversing camera
  • Quite a small camera attached to the rear

Best Backup Camera Kit

Providing everything you’ll need, the Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera Kit has a universal mount that allows it to sit within most vehicle types. Suitable for installation on your license place, this CMOS sensor camera boasts a wide viewing angle macro lend with a visible scaling line for easy viewing.

An easy to see 4.3” LCD monitor affords you a clear view of the space behind your car when reversing or parking – creating a safer parking situation. The monitor is programmed to start up automatically once installed and will provide real-time footage with standby screen also available. For added peace of mind, this entire kit comes supplied with a 1 year manufacturer warranty protecting for potential faults.


  • Waterproof design helps to make it suitable for all conditions
  • Automatically activates when you are reversing for ease of use


  • Fits onto license plate, does mean you can’t have it in the normal place
  • You get what you pay for

Best Car Backup Camera

The high definition quality of the Esky Car Backup Camera boasts a classic 135 degree viewing angle which covers most uses. 7 infrared LED lights produce a clearly visible screen with heightened performance in low light environments while a high resolution of 420 TV lines provides you with a crisp picture.

It can be easily affixed to your license plate affording you the best view of the space behind your car – great for picking up the available space behind you when parking and preventing crashes. Available at an affordable price for those just discovering the world of reverse camera footage, this universal backup camera has a waterproof casing and can be fitted to most types of vehicle.


  • Well built and suitable for any vehicle
  • Easy installation


  • Cheap pricing can be both good and bad
  • Lower quality than you might want for a reversing camera

Best Waterproof Hidden Mini Camera

A discrete option for any road user, the TOPTIERPRO Waterproof Hidden Mini Camera is a compact addition to your motor vehicle. The multifunctional design allows it to record either a front, side or rear view of the space around your car while also doubling up as a surveillance camera. Easy to install, the high quality and durable model boasts the best resolution which offers you the best quality photo.

Fitting easily within any hole in your car, the wired camera has a waterproof casing for extra protection with all the required attachments provided as standard. It is available at an affordable price for any budget with a hidden design that promises not to interfere with the aesthetics of your vehicle.


  • Multiple functions make for a very versatile tool
  • Very durable model


  • Some people have complained of reduced video quality
  • You do get a lot of what you pay for, but for this price it will be of a lower quality

Best Reverse Parking Camera

Improve the overall safety of your driving experience with this Pyle Reverse Parking Camera. Quick and easy to set up, the unit comes with a wireless transmitted which sends across a clear and crisp image. Automatically turning on upon use, the LCD monitor has a built in 2.4Ghx video receiver with automatic sensor that is activated when the car goes into reverse.

It can be mounted to either the dashboard or license plate depending on your needs and therefore has a waterproof casing made from IP-67 marine grade material. Fog resistance and infrared ability ensures the best image in all environments while distance scale lines help you easily determine how much space you have to fit into the perfect space.


  • Wireless for a more modern design
  • Waterproof to ensure longevity


  • Actual camera is quite bulky
  • Quite an expensive model

Best Backup Camera System

For those willing to invest, the high quality manufacture of the YUWEI Backup Camera System can easily support 4 different cameras allowing a full view of the entire space around your car. The wired design ensures the clearest picture at all times with a direct connection to reverse lights switching the screen on as soon as you choose reverse gear.

No additional TX box is required while the CCD sensor and infrared capability produces the sharpest image – even in low light conditions. The entire camera has a waterproof casing manufactured from zinc alloy which protects the inner workings from wind, rain and snow.


  • Automatic activation
  • Supports 4 different cameras for multiple angles


  • Quite a bulky camera
  • Very expensive

Best Car License Plate Camera

For the toughest of environments, the Esky Car License Plate Camera boasts a heavy-duty chrome plated frame. Priced in the lower range, this versatile unit has a 170 degree viewing angle macro lens that produces a mirror image of the space behind your vehicle. A sensitive colour CMOS sensor along with 8 IR red LEDs provide clear night vision and high performance.

The entire case is protected by IP67 waterproof material while built in distance scale lines make easy viewing as simple as possible. This camera can be mounted on any license plate which provides the clearest viewing angle for parking and safety.


  • Sits over the top of the licence plate for ease of installation
  • Heavy duty design


  • Lack of other apparatus to come with it
  • You get what you pay for

Best Backup Camera For Truck

Offering a professional service, the Camecho Backup Camera For Trucks is suitable to a wide range of vehicle types. With a wireless receiver and transmitter, it can be mounted anywhere in the car without extensive installation and automatically switches on when you put the car in reverse.

Infrared sensors provide clear night time viewing with a 2 channel video input. The heavy duty metal casing is both waterproof and mud proof for added protection with a lens that can be rotated both horizontally and vertically in line with your needs. A great option for anyone with a mid-range budget and a need for all the essential additions.


  • Well built to last a long time
  • High quality video


  • Picture has been known to cut out
  • Expensive for a camera

Best Wireless Backup Camera System

The ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera System has everything you’ll need to effectively monitor the rear space behind your motor vehicle. Syncing to your gear box, the monitor instantly switches on as you select reverse gear and allows you to view the space behind your vehicle as you park.

With a 135 degree viewing angle lens and 7 infrared LED lights help bring you clear and crisp footage in all light conditions. The entire package contains your LCD monitor, backup camera, 2 power leads, a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver and a manual for accurate installation.


  • Plenty of accessories for you to use
  • Automatically starts up


  • Lower price reduces the quality of all components
  • Bulky camera

Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera

The Accfly Rear View Mirror Backup Camera takes the place of your existing rear-view mirror for a seamless installation. Boasting 3-in-1 function, it utilises infrared function for clear night time footage, uses a high performance radar detector to identify the exact distance available and replaces your rear view mirror with ease.

Automatically turning on when the car is put into reverse to improve your safety, it has a fully waterproof case that protects all the inner workings. The quality 5” ultra-thin monitor does not obstruct your view during use with a 2 channel video input and 12V design that is suitable for most types of vehicle. The entire product is easy to install and ready to use straight away for your convenience


  • Multiple features in one device
  • Thin and flexible


  • Bulky device to hang in a vehicle
  • Still quite expensive

Backup Camera Buyers Guide

Below are a list of things to take into consideration before choosing your backup camera.

  • Field of View

Different cameras will allow you to view a different field of view. This is easily explained as the amount of space the lens can take in when recording as well as the quality of the picture recorded. The minimum field of view we would recommend would be around 90 degrees to ensure you capture a wide area surrounding the rear of your vehicle.

  • Mount Type

Backup cameras are available with 3 different mount types to suit your needs. Firstly, a ‘surface mounted’ camera can be fixed to any flat surface such as a parcel shelf and provides a full view of the rear space behind your vehicle. Traditionally, these are the most popular options. Next, you could opt for a flush mounted camera while fits into a hole within the body of the vehicle. This provides a streamlined look that goes with the aesthetics of your car but limits your choice as to location. And, finally, license mounted cameras are self-explanatory in that they sit onto the license plate drill hole. These cameras provide a good scope in terms of view but can be limited to their positioning depending on the angle of your plate.

  • Image Sensor

The sensor in your camera will help dictate the quality of footage in darker environments. Your options, in terms of sensors, are CCD and CMOS with CCD sensors providing a higher picture quality in low light. Inevitably, this constitutes a higher price tag so consider your budget when choosing the right sensor for your needs.

  • Wireless?

Backup cameras can be connected by either a wireless or wired setup. Wireless installations remove the unsightly view of excessive wires while also leaving you free to install your camera anywhere you want. However, they have been noted for picking up interference and can occasionally result in lower quality footage. In comparison, a wired model will dictate where it can be placed but promises to deliver the best picture at every minute of the day

  • Infrared Night Vision

If you’re looking for footage to be recording all day (and night) long, make sure to check whether the model you are interested in has integrated infrared night vision. Although this won’t allow you to see very far during darker times, it will still monitor and capture moments at night that may be of interest to you.

  • Audio Recording

Some backup cameras have integrated microphones that capture sound during their recordings. This can be very helpful if you plan to use your model for protecting in the case of insurance fraud.

  • Casing (Is it weatherproof?)

It is also worth considering whether the outer casing surrounding the model you like is waterproof. For some environments, it is important that any electrical mounted on the outside of your vehicle can withstand a wide range of different weather conditions from intense sunshine through to torrential rain. A weatherproof casing will also prolong the lifetime of your chosen backup camera by providing a shield between the internal electrical workings from the outside elements

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