7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dash Cam

1. First-hand evidence of a car accident

This is by far the primary motivation behind why many drivers have chosen to put their time and money into dash cams.

Basically, the camera will begin recording when you start your car’s engine and it will give continuous, effective, straight-to-the-point evidence in the event of a mishap.

In the event that a crash or collision occurred and your vehicle was included, then you can demonstrate that it was not your fault and you can send the video as proof, should there be any court trial.

The dash cam is the simplest and best way to protect yourself, if there is a car crash. It can also help you save a considerable measure of time, cash and inconvenience over the long haul.

2. Protection from insurance fraud

An accident involving a pedestrian is one of the worst fears a driver could have. To add to that, there have been reports of people who are purposely trying to get hit by a vehicle to scam money from the driver.

This is where a dash cam can protect you because you can always review the recorded videos to double check if the accident is authentic.

3. A perfect defense against undisciplined drivers

All drivers have had at least one awful encounter with a bad driver throughout their driving experience. And that’s another reason to have a dash cam installed.

These reckless drivers, more than being irritating and obnoxious, can actually put other people on the road in serious danger. Having a dash cam installed in your car, you can easily report the bad behavior of an undisciplined driver.

4. For documenting your entire trip

If you’re fond of documenting and sharing life experiences, getting a dash cam means you can record your entire road trip and share it with everybody!

Aside from that, it can turn your wonderful journey into an unforgettable one because you can always watch it over and over again. A dashboard camera is definitely a great investment that could save great experiences and memories that you can cherish over the years.

5. To prevent parking accidents

You might not believe that sometimes, the most dangerous place for your car is the parking lot. Leaving your car unattended means exposing it to a lot of unexpected accidents without your knowledge.

The best thing about today’s dash cams is that they have the option to keep recording even when your car is parked. This will help you identify how your car got that scratch or bump.

Also, it can record any attempts to break into your car, especially if you leave it in public unattended places. Some dash cams can even be operated remotely from the privacy of your home, and send that data to your laptop or PC.

These unique features are especially designed to give owners peace of mind knowing that their cars are safely parked.

6. Capturing the unexpected

You will be amazed by the number of unexpected, amazing things one can encounter while on the road.

There are a lot of spectacular events reportedly captured by a dash cam. For instance, sudden car combustion, the beginning of an earthquake or a meteor flying over the sky are only a few of the unexpected things already recorded by a dash cam.

7. Dash cams come with a wide range of functions

Dash cams have already evolved and improved since they were first introduced. Currently, these dash cams come with a lot of useful features that you can use in many different circumstances, not just for safety.

For instance, some cameras now come with a GPS device embedded in them to help you track your speed and location. This information is also stored so it can always come in handy when you need it.

Some cameras also have notifications that will keep you updated and notified with the recording process in real-time in any case you encounter a problem with the camera’s storage or with the camera itself.

A dashboard camera is a great investment for everyone who owns a vehicle. Now that there is a wide array of dash cams to choose from, there’s no reason for a car owner not to have a dashboard camera.